Sunday, August 2, 2009

Party Crashing with My New Hat

Somehow I ended up gate crashing a catered party with some friends. Not only was there “free food” but a jazz band. I ate way to many little tiny foods that I figured were small enough by themselves individually to round down to no caloric intake each. They were carried about by servers on trays to tempt you, as these delectables were merely a bite each… what possible threat could they be? I think in total I may have had 247 little things.

My new hat came in handy. One of my character traits is wanting style. If I have a lighter it needs to be a Zippo. I won’t smoke a cigarette, I smoke a pipe. Lately I’ve hunted down a new fedora. Sitting next to the jazz band with a pin stripped fedora I think marked me either as one of the serious jazz aficionados or even a member of the band. No one ever asked who I was. Moreover, I was complemented on my nice hat.

There is power in a good hat. There was once a time decades ago that any respectable gentlemen wouldn’t go out without a hat. Look at magicians, one top hat goes a long way. A crown is power. The Pope himself gets an extra special hat. Even at parties from new year’s to birthdays you can have special hats. It’s a powerful symbol. We wear lots of symbolic hats in our lives.

So I’ve started a change at the top of my head with this new hat. Isn’t that where many good changes start, at the top of the head? Image and style have some weight, but so do eating dozens of little kabob thingies. Those tiny foods were strangely surreal… a bit like little dollhouse food dishes. They were given much respect, each came with it’s own napkin.

Now tonight as all those odd little bites of various foods repeat on me in some tiny food frenzy hangover I reflect on the image of my new hat. It covers my head but it really doesn’t change it other than offering “hat hair”. I’m both weighted down and feeling rather shallow. Does one show off a new hat or cover up with one?

In the end it’s not about the tiny foods or the hat, but what is under that hat count. Food feeds, or perhaps can sedate somewhat but isn’t in itself the whole question or answer… part of it for sure, but not in whole. Even in little tiny foods...

And remember that tiny foods can frighten you at foolsfitness.-Alan


  1. I can't wear hats, because I have a Charlie Brown head. Well, I can wear hats but they are harder to find. Even when I am not plus sized, my head is. I think it has to be big to hold my incredibly large brain. ;-) Love your new hat! I gorged on party foods this weekend without the bonus of jazz music and a new hat--it was called my kids' birthday party. Blessings--Bonnie

  2. Personally, I think hats are a trend that is long overdue for a comeback. I watch old movies and I think maybe hats can solve all of the problems of modern-times. :P

    As for the appeteenies, well, let's just say I never met a tiny food on a stick that I didn't like. I supposed it's better than having 247 full-size things though, right?

  3. appeteenies!!!! lol
    I too long for the days when hats were commonplace, even expected. Just look at them church hats ladies had?! Hats with fur and feathers and fake birds nests! (Your hat IS nice though, seriously. Very distinguished!)
    Hope the appeteenies cease repeating on ya!

  4. I like the hat. It's very snazzy and fetching. So is the face and eyes under it. My hats are more utilitarian than that. Maybe I should rethink ...

  5. Nice hat! Seriously!

    tiny foods scare me. i never know how many really to have... they're sneaky sneaky!


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