Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Foolsfitness Wins GOLD MEDAL!

I actually have a GOLD MEDAL!!! Gosh, these past few months have been such a whirlwind. Since my last post I'm down another 11 pounds! the other day I saw 333 (Sept 20, 2015) over these last few months I've seen up and down but I'm about 3 or 4 pounds off the lowest weight I've seen in a very long time.

So, after mocking the folks doing the extreme workouts I decided ironically to join a bootcamp workout in the local park with people I work with. I'm proud to say at first I couldn't plank (it's like holding a push up at the top) but now I can do a slow mountian climb and punch from a plank... as well as do a little air born stuff like a few jumping jacks. Then I thought, "what are we all training for? What's the goal here?" and someone mentioned a thing called a color run we could do, it's a 5k where they toss colored powder at you as you run and by the time you end you are just covered in all sorts of colors.... I still can't understand running but I do understand fun. When I found out they had a night one where there were neon glow sticks, black lights, my new goal was chosen!

Our group that started out as people from my work, ended up being called the MOBstars, because most of us work in a place called the Medical Office Building (hense MOB) and we gathered a few of the peoples kids to join and even the pastors wife from my church... ending up with 10 in the group.

I trained hard for this... I'm pretty sure I haven't ran in anything. To some of you 5K is just a workout but for a 300 pound plus guy out of shape it wasn't something I took lightly. Hey at my weight I don't really do anything lightly. I chug on a flight of stairs.

So bootcamp workouts at the park sometimes twice a week, swimming at tthe gym, a bit of slow bicycling, even some time walking and windsprinting the track at the park... That night I had no idea how to prepare. I ate two nutty bars and had a 32 ounce diet mountian dew a bit before the run. I stood with my group and waited near the start line as they were sending off waves of a couple hundred people at a time.

A wild thing happened I started bouncing from foot to foot and kept saying Lets go! I gotta run! I can only say I trained hard for this and God filled me with spirit. As I started I actually started passing people! Before the half way point I looked back to my running partner and said, "I'm going"... by the half way point I couldn't see where my group was behind me!

I kept pushing in sprints and slowing to gather steam in a fast walk to go back to a jog. Just before the three quarter mark I somehow passed a personal trainer from my work! I remember looking at her and saying "I'm ahead of you?!" at which she smiled broadly and cheered "Go Alan!" AT one point I flew by a guy and his girl and he looked to her and shook his head saying,"We should have trained harder for this." Maybe he's right because Foolsfitness a 330 something pound guy just blew by you!

What a feeling at the end where the people were giving out gold medals. Sure, everyone got one but I got the joy of waiting for 5 and 10 minutes to roll by as my crew caught back up to me! I'm not saying this just to brag... some had little ones to deal with. But I am sharing this for someone out there that might be out there that is struggling. If I can, maybe ... I can't promise but just maybe you can to! I trained until I bled and trusted God for any more strength I needed. Now a gold medal is hung next to my bookcase.

And remember at Foolsfitness it's all about going for the gold... and the snacks. - Alan of Foolsfitness