Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What’s Your Favorite Food?

I’ve been trying to set up a reasonable menu. Anyone who knows me can tell you I consider vegetables evil. My way of dealing with needing veggies is either drinking V-8 or having veggie subs. Perhaps part of the issue with eating well for me is I like the general cuddly and tasty nature of things like gooey Chinese food and pizza. To me the crunchy goodness of a taco outranks a rice cake, hands down.

I need to go food shopping, but I‘ve been putting it off. To me all the “good for you” food seems to taste like the smell of wet dog and much of the diet food seems to cost more too. Somehow it costs way more for fewer calories that taste worse, that is usually in a smaller package?

To make it more difficult I tend to want pre-prepped foods that naturally cost more, and are usually loaded with extras… most enough salt to preserve a whole elephant. My father was a cook and my grandfather a chef… But I would rather open up a can or stick something in the microwave. I was all excited about my spicy hot V-8, I can chug a 48oz. Bottle for like 300 calories which I think is actually reasonably tasty, then I read that the sodium intake would be over my whole days recommended intake in that alone. Of course enter the soups… the low sodium ones aren’t bad if you put enough salt in them.

I went to the Chinese Buffet the other day. It was a covert operation behind enemy lines to monitor potential…Ok, it was for gooey yumminess. Anyway there is a server guy who must have weighed 93 pounds, moreover most all the people who worked there (or owned it?) were svelte. I see one of them go on lunch break as I peered over my plate of chicken teriyaki and crab ragoons… and out of all the wonderfulness he gets a small bowl of plain rice and puts two small bits of meat on top. How can he be so skinny?! Don’t you hate those people who can eat what ever they want and be so skinny!!! The problem perhaps is eating what ever I want doesn’t consist of, in total, or even contain, a small bowl of plain rice?

There was a woman at work sitting at a table in the break room with another woman the other day, together in total they may have weighed the equivalent of a sheepdog, (puppy). She peers over some ladies magazine that claims something to the effect “Loose 20 pounds in simple, no effort changes” and speaks about how she’s on “Phase two” of her diet plan… they both nod as some kind of cryptic information has somehow been past. The whole thing freaked me out… they were like diet elite special forces, ready to whip out a rice cake at any instant.

So eventually I’ve got to go to the store, and be allured by the tasty temptress or pummeled by the diet dominatrix. Is my menu doomed to v-8 and granola bars with a spattering of Chinese Buffet supplements? Tune in next time Foolsfitness Fanatics and find out! - Alan


  1. At this moment, I am having 2 cups of romaine and 1 cup of shredded carrot salad. I put the fork down to comment.

    Veggies are difficult for me, too. They taste like dirt to me. I don't like them cooked, some I can't gag down raw. I drink V8 or tomato juice pretty often, but try to get the low sodium.

    It's hard. But I've gone from eating corn and white potatoes to loving salads in six months, so it's doable. I just need to keep trying new veggies.

    I LOL at your add salt to the low sodium soup! How true!

    Fight the good fight!

  2. Do you read Sean Anderson's blog? He just hit 200 lbs lost in less than a year. He has done it by eating whatever he wants up to 1500 calories a day and exercising every day. He was over 500 lbs when he started. He inspires us, because if he can do this (weighing more than DH and I both) then anyone can do this.

    DH doesn't do veggies either. I grate zucchini into our pasta sauce and salads. Sometimes I hide veggies in our mac and cheese. It is not just good for us, but the kids too.

    You don't have to buy diet food, but making smarter choices about calories is key. Keep looking around. Go with an open mind. Newman's Own light salad dressings are awesome. Fat free popcorn is great and low calorie! If you don't like water drink Crystal Light it still helps. Good old bacon and eggs with toast in the morning comes in for around 400 calories. You can have good foods, that taste good, and still lose weight.

    Link to Sean's blog:

    Keep going Alan. You can do this! Blessings--Bonnie

  3. I eat a ton of veggies. I just ate 2 whole cans of sliced beets, and added 10 oz of sliced shrooms to some veggie broth!!! My husband tells me he fears one day I may turn into an acorn squash, as I consume so many of them weekly! At first, I had to force myself to up the veggies but then I began to crave them, it happens!

  4. Hey just a thought, but have you tried spaghetti squash? It is a very yummy alternative to pasta and it really tastes great!

  5. Grilled veggies work like magic for me. Fire up the grill and throw a mess of olive-oil tossed veggies up on that thing and let them carmelize. Mmmmmm. Tastiest, most pain-free veggie injection.

    They're good on spicy brown rice and tacos.

  6. I love veggies and fruits. I upped the side dishes and lowered the portion of entree. That works really well for me.

    I love spicy food, so have lots of recipes that use spice. I have recipes on my blog.


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