Saturday, February 22, 2014

Getting back to purpose with a new spark

It's been a long time. I have wondered in the deserts... I mean desserts, gaining a whole lot of weight. Yet exploration is good, along with foolsfitness approved meals like a beer, some cheese curls, and oreo cookies for dinner.

So I needed a spark. I needed a fire under my more pronounced bottom area and needed to get back to living life with purpose again. Thus my new zippo. The Rocket girl, along with being a rather strong freudian symbol, is a visual cue to rocketing to greatness. Foolsfitness has sparked the flint, lit the flame to the fire... to something more (or maybe, just maybe, a little less?)

So fluffy words aside here it is folks. currently 384 down from 390 two weeks back but up what is that like 50 pounds up from the start of foolfitness so long ago and about a hundred up from the lowest in the blog!!! Ouch. yeah...

But dont count foolfitness out just yet. I got a zippo.

and remember at foolfitness we are all about the adventure. We ain't done, see that phenoix rising from the ashes...guess who?