Saturday, August 22, 2009

“Ours Is A Simple Faith”

Foolsfitness is proud to have a “guest” writer, Charlotte, who brings out both the best and worst in me. Her post follows:
Greetings, everyone! Alan and I have been terrific friends almost four years. He approached me recently and asked me if I would write a blog for him. (I wasn’t sure I would be able to do his subject of Fools Fitness justice, frankly.)
Alan is a very spiritual young man who attends church, prays, and meditates regularly. In one of his earliest blogs (April 15 - Be A Star! Be a Superhero!) he mentions the importance of balance among six points (of the “star”): spiritual, mental, emotional, physical, recreational and family. To know Alan is to realize his commitment to his spirituality, in particular.
Two of my favorite singer-songwriters are Michael Hough and David Tamulevich who perform as a folk duo, Mustard’s Retreat. Their signature song is entitled “Ours Is A Simple Faith.“ I played this song for Alan many months ago. The lyrics follow:
Ours in a simple faith. Life is a short embrace.
Heaven is in this place, every day…
Hope is the ground we till, make each day what you will.
Thankful for dreams fulfilled, every day.
There is no Hell to fear. No judgment day drawing near.
Trust that inner voice you hear, every day…
Life’s not a goal or race. It’s about heart and faith,
And living a life of grace, every day.
Trust is an open hand, making an honest stand.
Rooted in in the land, every day…
Live in the mystery, seeking the harmony,
Here between you and me, every day.
.....................................................................(words by David Tamulevich, copyright 2005)
The words are particularly powerful in concert. I’ve seen firsthand the audience pay rapt attention to David strumming his acoustic guitar and singing the lyrics with Michael. The meaning behind the lyrics is astoundingly easy - it’s all common sense, as it says in the liner notes - but how many of us practice these words on a daily basis? I can say, in all frankness, I don’t…but I try…
When was the last time you…
~ Held your spouse’s hand and surprised him/her with a picnic lakeside?
~ Told your eight year old son you were proud of him?
~ Surprised your five year old daughter with an ice cream cone just “because”?
~ Wrote to the director of your department explaining to him/her how your supervisor is doing a terrific job?

How many of us truly show gratitude - every day - to those we love?
How many of us truly demonstrate our appreciation and genuine love for others?
How many of us truly listen to ourselves and follow our own hearts?
We get so caught up in our daily lives that we forget sometimes to give to others a genuine smile, a warm hug, a comforting word.
Alan, this is dedicated to you because you try to demonstrate through your actions the lyrics in the song. I may not say it a lot, but I really am awe-fully grateful for our friendship. Thank you.
Charlotte is 37 years young, a New Hampshire resident, and when she’s not writing about song lyrics or attending Mustard Retreat concerts, she’s being her usual introverted self, reading Elizabeth George novels.


  1. That was a sweet post. Thanks for sharing this with us Alan (and Charlotte). Hope you have had a great week!

  2. Beautiful post.
    Very very nice.

    My best

  3. Someone that talks about you and quotes a song of that depth, thats the type of person that people climb mountains seeking. If your not at the top of the mountian, keep climbing.


  4. I really enjoyed reading that and it hit home with me, thanks Alan and Charlotte.


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