Monday, August 24, 2009

Maybe I’m Possessed?

Imagine if “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (or is it Willy Wonka?) was run by a Personal Trainer. The umpa loompas would all look like mini-me versions of suzan powers and sing… “Stop the, stop the in-san-I-ty if you don’t you’ll weigh a half a ton you’ll see.” The Chocolate factory would be a soy burger factory, it would have a vegetable forest room, and be run by a sequin short wearing gentleman with puppy dog eyes that crys at the drop of a hat… or the ingestion of a candy bar.

Just bizarre. But my own “Charlie” inside me who ran my “chocolate factory” was no more odd. He thought all apples came with a candy or caramel coating. He would even avoid ice cream Sundays because he thought it was all some covert way to push a banana on him.

A new person came to stay a while with me today (shhh he's here now)… He’s even more odd. Maybe I’m possessed by the ghost of Charles Atlas who won’t stand getting any more sand kicked in my face… What am I building up to?

I actually stood with a kid behind the counter at McDonalds and looked over the nutrition information before choosing a Ceaser salad with grilled chicken and the lowest cal dressing there was. My only shake today was trying to shake poor eating choices. My Fries today were the focus on frying away the unneeded calories. I’m kind of frightened if this is a possession as currently there is a three quarter eaten soy burger next to me for a midnight snack. My supersizing might just point more in the direction toward Arnold than Alfred Hitchcock… at least today. Maybe being possessed isn’t so bad, at least the possessed are committed.

I stepped on the scale today and scored my biggest one week weight loss ever… 4.25 pounds, or perhaps about the weight of one of my old snacks???

Maybe I can’t find the ultimate “plan” that’s a sure thing… but I’m thinking that I’m going to run with what I got, it’s the best I have until something better comes along. What have I got to loose? Well that’s why I’m fighting… it’s also actually what I just might have to gain. We shall see.

I've always wanted to buy the candy bar with the "golden ticket" but be sure that's the one before buying it. First, if I don't buy something, I don't have a chance at the ticket. Second, that golden ticket isn't in a candy bar!

And remember that possession by cookies is just the fools fitness way- Alan


  1. I was possessed by cookies last night. No good. Great loss for you though--that is awesome!!!

  2. kudos on that loss! Each good choice adds up and you've been making great ones!

  3. Wow! GREAT LOSS! You are doing great!

  4. Way to go on your great lost this week!!!

  5. Omg i can totally envision that version of charlie and the chocolate factory. hope i don't dream about it!

    kudos on the loss, dude! Good stuff :D I am super happy for you.

  6. I bought some trader joe's thin ginger cookies for a gathering this weekend. Maybe only 140 calories per 9, but they were too sinfully delicious. I managed to keep my intake to 5, somehow.

  7. Great post..very good weight loss for the week you are doing Incrediable with the "Fries and Shakes" very nice!!

    Loved the charlie and the cholcolate factory analogy and the truth is you have had the "golden ticket" all along...


  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! Love yous!

    And congrats on the weight lost so far!


Remember that commenting is just the foolsfitness way!