Friday, March 18, 2016

10 Fit Tips for Fools Fitness Friday

As I learn to be a little more fit and healthy I'm learning things that help me along. This isn't a gimmick of me trying to sell you garbage for 19.99 plus shipping and handling. These are things I bumped into that seem to help me and I share them freely. So hear are a 10 FREE tips I bumped into along the way. Please share yours.

1) SET A GOAL! Be it a goal of so many steps, a 5K, or a Tough Mudder... a goal gives you something to work toward. It makes you less likely to skip a workout and less inclined to eat whatever moves you at a moments whim. Set a destination or wonder aimlessly.

2) WORKOUT FRIENDS! People I workout with keep me encouraged. They make it more fun. They push me to do a little more. They also keep me more accountable. If I skip a workout I have someone (or a group of people!) asking me "where were you when there was boot-camp?" or "I thought I'd see you at the gym?" They will also give you the look when you reach for a donut at the office and be ready to slap it out of your hand.

3) EATING CHEAP AND CLEAN! a couple of bucks will buy you healthy cooked real food and more salad than at the supermarket at guess where? Likely the hospital. I can get 3 poached eggs on an english muffin with even a bit of salsa and hot sause for two bucks, a big cup of healthy made soup for a buck and a half, or go crazy at their salad bar for four bucks a pound. You don't need prepackaged meals or superpowders to eat well cheap. I'm not against Whey in a nice smoothie with a banana, some almond milk, and peanut butter (I call them my Elvis Shakes) but there are major cost differences in powders and 3-4 bucks can get you a decent amount of real food.

4) TUNES! For me doing time on the cardio machines at the gym I find having my own mix of songs I get into way better than trusting in the gyms overhead speakers. Plus you cut out a lot of the random noise. I THINK THE TRICK IS THIS: You need a boom boom boom beat that might work out to 140 beats a minute in your songs that helps carry you and pick up the pace. Country music and easy listening is out if you want to sweat. But the key is in finding what drives you. It might sound cheesy but I usually start a cardio session with the Rocky music "Eye of the Tiger". You may not be of the intensity to handle dubstep but you can look around and find something that suits you. Some of these songs that have this intensity beat have some very poor language... so be *warned* but here's a few ideas "whip it", "YMCA", "Stroke" "Hands in the Air" "Whitestrips" "Shout out to all my lost boys"... Also Rob Baily and Hustle Standard have a great hard beat but again if language is an issue steer clear, seriously.

5) CARRY A SNACK! If your on the go and get hungry, or plans for lunch get changed how easy is it to swing by the convience store or fast food place for some tasty junk? A careful search of my things will turn up a Belvita, granola bar, and even some protein powder? If your starving hungry it's so easy to give in to simple junk... I have better options at hand easier than hunting down a bag of chips!

6) JOURNAL NOTEBOOK: Try writing down EVERYTHING you eat when you grab it in a book for a day or two. You may be surprised at some things. Also if your not tracking your numbers those numbers can change with your memory. Moreover, suddenly you notice if your journaling that you missed workouts for the last 4 days.

LITTLE TRICKS: Here are some minor tricks I use for workouts.

7) if you use workout gloves Velcro the straps of each to the other when you put them away so you don't end up with a one glove thing doing a Micheal Jackson.

8) Use a climbing lanyard clip on your gym bag. it's easy to clip a locked padlock on to and the bigger loop hangs in the locker easier.

9) ALWAYS HAVE A PACKED GYM BAG! No excuses for I forgot my gear. It's in my car.

10) YOUR TIP? You can call it a scam that I said ten tips and posted 9 but it's my way to encourage you to share a tip you have in becoming more healthy. Please don't post just a buy this sale garbage and your secret formula to 6 second abs as your tip... this is about truth no gimmicks or get rich scams trying to fleece the people trying to make healthy changes.

OK HERES TIP 10 Just so you don't feel cheated here... RESEARCH!!! I don't tend to share loads of links because I don't really endorse anything other than faith in God... but a few links to get you started (Actual results may vary... consult a doctor, ask your momma, don't run with scissors... coffee can be hot)

At Remember at Foolsfitness We Drink Six Packs trying to get Six pacs- Alan AKA General Chaos.