Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All this way, It’s work, for what? Where am I now?

I’m thinking the fitness journey is allegorical to being on roads where I’m not sure exactly where they go. To top off not knowing exactly where these roads will take me on my journey I seem to take wrong turns and scenic drives checking out the Chinese food or cupcakes.

Then there is that phantom toll booth. It keeps popping up when I try to get back on the fitness highway. “Today’s toll: One gym workout please”… “Today’s toll: eat your veggies instead of that pizza.” Even when I seem to pay the toll, there is no guarantee how soon that phantom toll booth will pop up again. Moreover, I need to keep my eyes carefully focused on the road. Detour ahead, Feeling sick today. Then just off the fitness highway there it is… a cute 50’s style diner with the all you can eat buffet.

I’ve driven this journey for about four months. Somehow at around 8 ½ pounds lost I seem to have driven for a very long way and been turned around so many times I’m not far from the start. Gee, it’s hot, I don’t feel well, and it would be easier to turn back.

Then there is this bridge ahead. Exploring around here I’ve been on both sides of the bridge a bit. One side there is peace and joy, yet people seem to lounge around a lot and tend to get nothing done. While the other side people are so focused on getting about getting things done they forget to take the time of peace and joy. That’s the thing about bridges, there seems to be two sides, and perhaps there is something important on both sides. What is existence without joy? Yet without dealing with the necessities of existence it’s hard to pursue that pinnacle of purpose of living life most passionately. Fitness is a means to and end, not the end itself... yet without building on it first I don't think it's easy to get to the greater something, that end of the rainbow. If say a house is a goal, tools are needed to build it, and effort.

Enter the 10 easy weight loss tips that naturally take “Little or no effort”, trust me that Phantom toll booth isn’t going to let you pass with no toll. But unless you really want to pay the toll getting back and forth You’ll end up trying short cuts and be lost wandering back roads, ending up stuck with a flat tire in the mud going nowhere fast. I’ve got to get along with life, but not so fast that somehow I miss it in the process.

Then again, is the trip with careful driving even going to lead you where you want to go? Sometimes I would like to have one of those computer map things, Admittedly the Bible is that in a big picture sense but I’d like a general life GPS. Enter destination: Enter the town of “Muse” please, where the slogan is to work, play, and love. I think it’s on both sides of that bridge but I need to find the heart of main street.

I think I’ve figured that I do want to live in the small town with that sweet homemade chocolate pie, but also need to get into the city to do my 9 to 5 work at the gym. The big question is in the end will a small town like “Muse” ultimately accept the kind of resident who covers his yard with 12 Pink Flamingo Lawn Ornaments, 9 Lawn Gnomes, and an old hotrod car on blocks, if he tries to pay the tolls.

(The Phantom Tollbooth is an old children’s classic I’ve been reading that partially inspired me to write this entry… the mouse is a mural I did locally recently… To remind you, cheese can be a comfort food… it great to lean on…..OR IS IT?!)

And Remember that eating blocks of cheese that weight more than you do is the foolsfitness way!- Alan

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do it for the Pixy Mouse

I’ve been reading a few blogs and some folks seem to be down… not the down that’s good but the down that might be up. Wow that was kind of existential. So here is just a little artwork I did to hopefully make you smile, or just say awe.

The mouse started out as a “white mouse from Mouse Hunt on face book. I’ve not been doing very many art jobs and got stuck at home with a sinus infection, so I figured I’d do my guru techno magic wizardry on the computer and make the mouse my own. Just because it’s there, or just because I can… or some other existentially sounding reason. Actually to keep my skills sharp while I sit on my hands waiting for the government to make a choice to give me a grant or not to pursue flash animation cartoon shorts.

But I digress, as I said some people seem to be writing blogs where they are struggling, so the pixy mouse feels your pain.

After all random flying animals are the fools fitness way. -Alan

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Getting the Bird at the Front Door

My friends live in the country and asked me to take care of their house while they were away, getting the mail and looking over the gardens. I was walked around the house to be shown my duties to the flowers and something else. I was warned to approach the front door with extreme caution. In the vine wreath on their front door under the porch a robin had decided to make a nest and have some baby birds!

This robin, obviously a foul genius, had found a place under cover in shelter from the elements and in secluded safety from her nest inhabitants becoming prey. To top it off she had the most wonderful and kind hearted neighbors. My friend shrugged in some frustration while I laughed she said, “I just want to use my front door.” Perhaps it’s just so bizarre that makes it so funny to me… of course it’s not my door either.

I can’t help but think of the lesson to be learned. This bird was the ultimate opportunist. She knew what she needed and took the chance to have it, a good home. I’ve been reading a Jack Higgins Novel, “The Eagle Has Landed” after watching the old George Peppard Movie “Night of the Fox”. Both have great premises centered around WWII and spies and the like. The Movie has George Peppard boldly going into German territory with fake order letters supposedly written by Hitler himself. He is an agent from Brittan who is trying to save an officer who knows the detials of the upcoming D-Day invasion. He gets pretty much everywhere on his bold as brass attitude. In the book (a different storyline) it’s written from a German perspective, they are trying to capture Winston Churchill.

I ran across a wonderful quote in the book. “Who Dares- wins”, the book says it’s a special badge some paratroopers wore on the berets. I’m not sure if the badges are fiction or not, the book says the Churchill plot was based loosely on facts. Isn’t it truth though, sure you can dare and loose but if you never dare you’re never going to win. That robin dared.

Be it the boldness of George Peppard or courage of a robin, seeing an opportunity and taking it is the only key. Yes, there can be failures… but like the quote from that book eludes to, it’s only the winners who take the risks and dare to dare. As an artist my head seems to be in the clouds much of the time. Still while I realize the world is run by more concrete minded individuals it wouldn’t be any fun without the dreamers. After all visionaries are dreamers who dared to make nests in doorways and gatecrash parades. Whom have the courage to own life… or give it their all trying to. I’m tempted to either find or make one of those badges.

After all wearing official looking badges is the Foolsfitness way!- Alan