Sunday, August 9, 2009

Be Like Godzilla!

I’m pretty sure Godzilla and I have some serious similarities. The Japanese run in fear before him. The Chinese who own buffet restaurants run in fear from me. We both have the same sized waist, weight, and have a weakness for spicy food (He likes the hot sauce to the point he breaths fire!). Now the similarities don’t end there. Good ole Zilla leaves a swath of destruction pretty much where ever he goes. I too, am known to leave empty pizza cardboard carcasses, candy wrappers, and can take down a 2 liter bottle of soda almost as quick as it takes him to down some power lines, anger the Japanese military to get tanks to fire at him, and take chucks out of a couple of buildings.
One thing you’ve got to say about Godzilla is that he is committed. He keeps coming back time after time. The military have tanks shoot at him. He gets a serious electrolysis Epilady treatment of the power lines. Monsters treat him like he’s a pro-wrestler determined to break him in half… but he perceivers. I appreciate passion. I don’t question I have it, it’s just a need to channel it from the perseverance of eating supersized to the commitment of really eating wisely and making my gym visits more like *daily* soap operas than a *holiday* specials. Eating a croissant doesn’t make you French anymore than buying a diet soda makes you fit. It’s all about a serious commitment to show up over and over even when the monsters of “Reallyhungryman” and “Lazysusie” attack the city. Perhaps even being more like Godzilla wouldn’t be a bad thing after all?
Of course if I could pick someone that’s famous to be like, I think I would prefer perhaps the suave nature of James Bond or coolness of Batman. Naturally I want that whole Arnold Swartinegger Mr. Universe comparison… well at least I’m not a Barney the dinosaur. Who famous do you think you’re like… and if different who do you think you’d like to be?

After all Ancient Wisdom of Foolsfitness say… Are you going to eat that? - Alanzilla


  1. Hi. Thank you for visiting my blog. Poetry doesn't usually get much of a response so I am very appreciative.

    I like what I've read of your blog so far. I love your humor and comparisons. :) I don't know which famous person I'm like really... I haven't thought about it. The latest Facebook application sent to me says I am Velma from Scooby Doo. lol

  2. I loved the "Soap Opera" vs. "Holiday Special" analogy when it comes to your workout schedule. Very nice. I'm really enjoying your writing style.

    You're no fool my friend, you're on the way to a most wonderful transformation!

    My best always

  3. I've always thought I am like a nicer, more Spiritual version of Roseanne. It's not even a fat thing really--its more of a man/woman thing. DH and I have that kind of equal share in the relationship that Roseanne and Dan had. I give him hell and he loves me anyway. So, if you can overlook the fact that I am very tall and she is short; I am blonde and she's brunette; I am nice and she's well, not; oh yea and I can sing and well, she can't. I think we are a lot alike. Very funny. I also liked the soap opera comment. Do you really watch soap operas? It takes some time Alan to let that commitment and drive wash over you, but it will. And when it does--watch out! The Chinese buffet might go out of business!

  4. Once I was compared to Chris Farley because I'll do anything to get a laugh, no matter how degrading! That's okay though, I like Chris Farley. Not that I wanna end up like him or anything.

    AS for what celebrity I'd like to be, I dunno. Someone hot though. :P

  5. You made me laugh today. :)

  6. I love godzilla ... Gamera is even better. LOL

    I think I'd pick JK Rowling. I want that career. :)

  7. I love the idea of Godzilla getting electrolosys. Even by accident LOL!!!!
    I think Im most like that girl in "Hair". Not that Im trying real hard to make it in show biz or my that my mom resembles john travolta anything.
    Who Id most like to be? Im just gonna copy Tricia and say someone hot. Ok how bout hot and erm, not totally vapid?

  8. Funny! I'm not sure who I'd like to be either, I'll have to give it some thought.

  9. Eating a croissant doesn't make you French...
    (snort, giggle)

    Myself, I guess I'd rather emulate qualities of those I admire rather than wish to be them - like, oh, I dunno - being a giver (as opposed to a taker), being authentic, true to oneself, showing love via actions (and not simply words), striving to know myself better...that sort of deep stuff.

    I enjoy your blog/sense of humor.

    ~ Katalia


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