Saturday, August 15, 2009

My food shopping adventure

Who would of thought going food shopping after work would be so popular? There were so many people. Normally my past food shopping is quite easily done at the convenience store. My old food menus was easy to follow there… they had plenty of funny bones and soda. The new food menus, well, the 24 hour store seemed to be happy having hot nachos and cheese, but limited in Boca burgers.

Anyways I’m in a rather large line waiting to checkout my newly healthy food choices at the supermarket and the woman in front of me asks her husband to go get a bag of croutons. She said she loved croutons to me. I looked at her in horror. The pressure of that zeal normally reserved only for the elite such as Mr. T and that spiky haired chick who wants us to stop the insanity welled up and burst inside me. I shuttered, “Do you have any idea of the fat content of that bag of croutons? The salt? Why would you fill your body with something that is basically toxic and has no nutritional value at all?”

She took a step back and several people turned to see the commotion. I raised my voice, ”If you had any care for your health what so ever you’d fling that bag as far away from you as possible and go home and chop up some whole grain bread, toast it in the oven with a spray of Pam and sprinkle of Mrs. Dash!” At this point the manager started walking toward us as I pointed to donuts in her cart. “Listen to that little voice that is saying please no to those fat and sugar filled pastries!” A long story short I got dragged out from the supermarket screaming, ”Please, I’ll go, just give me my box of veggie burgers!”

OK, I exaggerate. But I did see a woman ask her husband to get a bag of croutons AND I did think to myself that I could make them my way a bit better. I didn’t say anything to her. Hey, it’s her food.

What DID happen is at the office I got offered a donut from a secretary and joked, “Away with you spawn of Satan”. I actually told someone who offered me an ice cream, “Thank you, but I’ve reached my caloric intake for the day.” You should have seen the look of confusion on their faces. Actually it did sound really odd coming from me, it might be the first donut I’ve ever turned down.

What also happened yesterday is a two pound loss on the scale… after seemingly forever. Now at my lowest point (in a good way) since fools fitness began! I chalk up the loss to being more aware of choices and *volume* of food as well as getting in a bit more walking.

It was actually kind of amusing to walk away from both the box of donuts and also after looking at the vending machine at work actually to just turn around and walk away. I even decided to stop smoking. (I didn’t really smoke a lot to begin with so it isn’t like some monumental achievement here but it’s a step in a more healthy direction)

And always remember that croutons are the breakfast of choice at fools fitness! -Alan


  1. Congrats on the 2 pound loss!!!!

  2. *high fives* to lots of healthy steps in the right direction. wish i had some of your will power this week!

    i really cracked up reading the first scenario. i have imagined similar situations whilst food shopping but i will actually say things like to my brother. he eats like crap.

    and KUDOS to the loss. woot.

  3. I just knew that was your thoughts and not what you said, but you did have me going. lol

    Congrats on the 2-pound loss! Woo-hoo!

    Congrats on deciding to kick the habit. I am struggling so badly with that.

    You're doing amazing.

  4. That's great - no to donuts and ice cream, and a 2 lb loss. Sounds like a great day! :)

  5. Congrats on your loss! you totaly had me going with that shopping story. :)

  6. awesome loss!! funny how trying to be healthier bleeds over into the rest of your life naturally--yay for less smoking (or no smoking!). I want to see a hideous sculpture if you will---funny bones (a fave and huge weakness!) with crutons tossed on them and cigs poking out of their waxy-choco coated backs!!How avante-gard (not sure what that means!) And that woman who attempted to help us stop the insanity was Susan Powter--I had her video tapes back in the day. Unfortunately I also had many more years of insanity!
    Keep it up :-)

  7. OMG--you are so funny! I love croutons. Now, I will have to try your recipe.

    Hey--I have given you a blog award. It's a little feminine, but I figure you are man enough to handle it. You have to come by my blog to get it.



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