Saturday, February 20, 2016


WHATS NEXT? MONSTER MUD RUN!!! You may have heard of it called by Tough Mudder or Spartan Race but the concept is basically an army boot camp course crawling through mud and over logs climbing cargo nets on walls...

10 P.M. last night I didn't drive through a snow storm to join a gym. Make no mistake this was an invasion and I came to dominate and be a conqueror. The cage door has been opened. Those cardio machines and those weights will learn I am Alpha. The aerobic burn will melt this garbage stuck inside my body and my power will double. Come this Monster mud run, Spartan race, tough mudder thing... it will know who I am, I will be it's nightmare. **COME WITH ME**, Let us Howl at the moon together, Run with me chasing a dream of being alive. What are you waiting for !? TRAINING CONTINUES: Monster Mud Run Loon Mountain July 9th... the clock is ticking.
Well? Shut off your computer and get going here!

And remember at Fools Fitness things get messy!- Alan