Monday, August 31, 2009

Finding Acorns

Squirrels and rodents like gerbils and hamsters tend to be among my favorite animals. I learn a lot from squirrels:

1) always put something between you and danger. It’s actually called “interpose” in chess. I like to put Twinkies between me and reality.

2) be safe, hide your acorns. I’ve found it helps to keep a few snacks around. I hide most of them in my belly.

3) Get plenty of exercise. They are always on the move to and fro… I am usually on the move to and from my fridge.

Squirrels seem to like me too. I have a few in the walls of my home. Maybe they like to hang around with a humungous nut? Actually in seriousness I do learn from them. They are diligent, maybe even obsessed with finding the next acorn. That’s the dedication I want for myself in my fitness journey.

The other day I walked home from church (about 6.1 miles) and I got called crazy by one friend and offered rides from two. At one point the person I originally went to church with going in actually came back part way on an errand and tried to offer a ride home. I didn’t care if it took me all day or that my legs and feet ached that acorn is important, CRITICAL! I walked home and paid for it in blisters. But acorn found.

Today’s weight check, in one week down 5 pounds! (Now 323.5) and a two mile walk tonight after a decent dinner…Looks like I’ve become obsessed with my nuts. I hope the squirrels are proud of me.

And remember that when you think of nuts think of Foolsfitness!- Alan


  1. Oooh, what a cute squirrel and his nut! :) Simply adorable.

    I think it's great you're working toward your goals. I think it's important to have some motivation...whether it's for weight loss itself, or to simply feel better about yourself.

    Your blog is humorous - thanks for the laughs...

    ~ Katalia

  2. Way to go on that 6.1 mile walk and on losing 5 lbs this week. You are doing good, down 20 lbs, that's terrific!!!

  3. Sounds like you had a good week. Congrats on the 5lb loss! Great work! :)

  4. Great determination and woooot on the loss. Keep it going! :)

  5. Hi Alan. WTG with that walking! You must really want that acorn! I should try hanging out with a few squirrels myself ... So far I've hung out with plenty of nuts but no squirrels.

    Stunning weight loss too. 5lbs in one week. You'll be jogging to and from church one of these days ...

    You're really on the way now.
    Bearfriend xx

  6. awesome job with the 5 lb loss!!! dang thats a long walk after church. Most folks go to the buffet and pig out dont they, or home for a big old sunday dinner. keep up the good work!

  7. I like that squirrel comparison! After all, the squirrels collect the nuts because it's necessary to their survival. And we have to look at maintaining our bodies that way too: not being obese is not just an aesthetic issue -- it's necessary in order to live one's best possible life.

  8. you are one funny guy with a great blog!


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