Friday, August 7, 2009

The devil makes PB+J

5,130 calories… before bread!!! What am I talking about? Peanut butter and jelly.

Here is the break down. I just looked on the back of my jar of strawberry jam… they claim 45 servings at 50 calories a pop, that’s 2,250 calories in that jar! Who is going to make a sandwich with a tablespoon of jam in it? Maybe you can, but I can’t see 45 sandwiches in that jar. On to the peanut butter, I’m suppose to get 16 servings out of that jar at 180 calories a piece, so that jar has 2,880 calories in it. Add that to the jam at 2,250 makes a whopping 5,130 calories. I didn’t even add my bread at 70 calories a slice. I’m not fat, I’m just running a caloric budget deficit.

I know you can squeak out low calorie breads, low sugar jams, and low fat peanut butter to drop those numbers but I’m pretty sure this proves that PB+J was one of the devil’s inventions. It seemed so innocent, sort of like that apple that got Adam and Eve kicked out of paradise.

Naturally I won’t take a jar of peanut butter and a jar of jelly as a whole in a sitting, but those are some crazy numbers. Next thing I’ll find out is that Fluff or Twinkies are dangerous. Maybe I should just get donuts? Ok, maybe a just a Whopper with cheese.

Ok, enough fools fitness silliness this blog posting. I wanted to write about a blog that Bonnie (a commenter and fellow health fitness blogger) suggested I check out.

I find his blog really wonderful. Not only does he post on a daily basis, but he’s keeping it real… no gimmicks or fake foods. The simple plan is 1,500 calorie intakes a day with some exercise. (of course simple but seriously disciplined, wow such an inspiration) He sees it as a caloric bank account that he can draw on each day, when the calories run out… just wait until next day. It forces him to make serious choices on how he spends them to get a good return on his caloric investments. His dedication and hard work shows… He’s dropped over 200 pounds in less than a year!!! I’m thinking he avoids my kind of sandwiches with the baseball sized plop of PB+J?

And remember that Foolsfitness is the place for PB+J -Alan


  1. Oh Alan--I had a PB&J today, but with only 1.5 TB of PB and about 2 tsp or 2/3 TB of jam. You can do it! It was yummy and a treat! Don't ask me what I ate last night...but that was yesterday. PB is my treat that I save for rainy day. It's not evil. I swear.

  2. I shall check out the blog :D

    peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are the devils creation. THEY ARE NOT MEANT TO GO TOGETHER. What are you guys thinking...

    woah on the calorie numbers though!

  3. i dont keep PB or J in my home....cannot...resist....!!!! I cackled at finding out that Fluff or Twinkies might be dangerous. Forget Fluff..those Fluffernutters would be my undoing!!!

  4. Thankfully I'm not a big PB fan but I did find this new peanut butter (from peanut butter company) that is to die for. What it has made me realize is that I CAN'T have that kind in the house lol.

    I totally get what you're saying about the high calorie content of PB & J. I think it's all a matter of what you want to eat for your daily amount. If you can fit in a PB & J sandwich then go for it. If it's a trigger food then stay away. For me, I tend to just eat a cracker or two every once in awhile with PB or a bite of my son's PB & J waffle sandwich. That way I get a taste but don't kill the calorie bank. It's all such a balancing act, sometimes it can drive ya crazy lol.

  5. Funny, because I had a peanut butter sandwich and a cup of milk just the other night. I had the calories coming coming---and it's been a while. I enjoyed it a bunch!

    Thank you for the kind words.

    Oh, and I had a tablespoon of PB for 100 calories...not a softball sized portion!

    My best Always


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