Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Foolsfitness Wins GOLD MEDAL!

I actually have a GOLD MEDAL!!! Gosh, these past few months have been such a whirlwind. Since my last post I'm down another 11 pounds! the other day I saw 333 (Sept 20, 2015) over these last few months I've seen up and down but I'm about 3 or 4 pounds off the lowest weight I've seen in a very long time.

So, after mocking the folks doing the extreme workouts I decided ironically to join a bootcamp workout in the local park with people I work with. I'm proud to say at first I couldn't plank (it's like holding a push up at the top) but now I can do a slow mountian climb and punch from a plank... as well as do a little air born stuff like a few jumping jacks. Then I thought, "what are we all training for? What's the goal here?" and someone mentioned a thing called a color run we could do, it's a 5k where they toss colored powder at you as you run and by the time you end you are just covered in all sorts of colors.... I still can't understand running but I do understand fun. When I found out they had a night one where there were neon glow sticks, black lights, my new goal was chosen!

Our group that started out as people from my work, ended up being called the MOBstars, because most of us work in a place called the Medical Office Building (hense MOB) and we gathered a few of the peoples kids to join and even the pastors wife from my church... ending up with 10 in the group.

I trained hard for this... I'm pretty sure I haven't ran in anything. To some of you 5K is just a workout but for a 300 pound plus guy out of shape it wasn't something I took lightly. Hey at my weight I don't really do anything lightly. I chug on a flight of stairs.

So bootcamp workouts at the park sometimes twice a week, swimming at tthe gym, a bit of slow bicycling, even some time walking and windsprinting the track at the park... That night I had no idea how to prepare. I ate two nutty bars and had a 32 ounce diet mountian dew a bit before the run. I stood with my group and waited near the start line as they were sending off waves of a couple hundred people at a time.

A wild thing happened I started bouncing from foot to foot and kept saying Lets go! I gotta run! I can only say I trained hard for this and God filled me with spirit. As I started I actually started passing people! Before the half way point I looked back to my running partner and said, "I'm going"... by the half way point I couldn't see where my group was behind me!

I kept pushing in sprints and slowing to gather steam in a fast walk to go back to a jog. Just before the three quarter mark I somehow passed a personal trainer from my work! I remember looking at her and saying "I'm ahead of you?!" at which she smiled broadly and cheered "Go Alan!" AT one point I flew by a guy and his girl and he looked to her and shook his head saying,"We should have trained harder for this." Maybe he's right because Foolsfitness a 330 something pound guy just blew by you!

What a feeling at the end where the people were giving out gold medals. Sure, everyone got one but I got the joy of waiting for 5 and 10 minutes to roll by as my crew caught back up to me! I'm not saying this just to brag... some had little ones to deal with. But I am sharing this for someone out there that might be out there that is struggling. If I can, maybe ... I can't promise but just maybe you can to! I trained until I bled and trusted God for any more strength I needed. Now a gold medal is hung next to my bookcase.

And remember at Foolsfitness it's all about going for the gold... and the snacks. - Alan of Foolsfitness

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Diets are Rotten at the Core.

Yesterday a huge old tree next to the library split into two. Looking at the old tree it had a bunch of green leaves and looked pretty good but as you can see looking inside and appearance of health and actual health were two far different things.
When I'm trying to pay a bit more attention to what I am eating I've noticed how a lot of the foods in the store are just like that tree. Companies want to sell you their food and are quick to throw around labels like healthy, lite, and all natural. A bag of popcorn I got the other day was using the words heavenly and lite on the front but when I looked at the fat calories next to the total calories over 40 percent of the calories were from fat. I laughed when I also saw a bag of pork rinds that seemed to be proudly labeled no carbs like pork rinds are a new health food!? Dirt might be gluten free and have no msg but I hope that doesnt become the next rage. Can you imagine someone touting the amzing qualities of dirt and the eating dirt diet?

This is the season where you can't avoid ads for getting your very own beach body in 21 days or is it in 17 days? Actually you can seem to top that with even some book on 4 hour fitness!

People want that quick fix and or the easy fix. I'm guessing if you starve yourself and/or workout like a maniac you WILL likely drop weight, maybe even a lot in a short burst. Is it water weight? What if your burning muscle too? Are you risking injury and sickness? What happens when you go "OFF" the diet? In all the claims for the new fix have you noticed how hard it is to find real numbers of people who lost a lot of weight and a year or two later are still at that lower weight? Is it really going to stay off? I have seen people who have even gone to the point of those stomach procedures and after dropping a lot of weight start putting it back on again. Is that number on the scale your only judge? What happens after your 21 day fix or 17 days or 90 days? Is it really fixed at all?

I do not want to live the rest of my life never eating a cracker again or forced to live on like two crackers a day. Its just not reasonable to do that or be expected to participate in the superhero workout twice a day 7 days a week climbing molten lava flows for 45 minute sessions. Like the tree an apperance of health and actual health I think are in reality two different things.

I like it when I see my scale go down, but I like it when my clothes fit better, and I like it when I'm riding my bicycle and I decide to go up a gear to go faster. Common sense isn't fast or flashy and it's not about selling you stuff you don't need and in the end wastes your time or even hurts you.

Since about march 1st I'm down around 22 pounds. No flash here or no biggest loser numbers. Moreover, No magic gismos, no pills, no surgery, no super foods. If you want the quick and easy good luck to you but in the end my large (but shrinking) gut says in the end it will waste your time in the end or even might hurt you.

What is the Foolsfitness way? slowly carving the new path of trying to eat a little better and getting a bit of moving activity in. Feel free to send me 19.95 plus shipping for that if it makes you feel better.

The Core of Foolsfitness I hope is not like that tree. - Alan

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The UN Gym X2

Doesn't it seem odd people drive in their cars to the gym to walk on a treadmill? Did I miss why people would rather be on a stationary bike going nowhere than riding on a real bicycle enjoying the scenery and fresh air? Is it important to seek the controlled conditions of a stair machine over actual... um... stairs?

So I decided today I would go to the gym and scan my card and walk out... Notice I said walk out not Workout here. The anti-workout Foolsfitness rebel that I am laughed as I did it and I encourage you to do it too. Go to the gym and then leave. I am not anti-gym. I love the pool and all the equiptment and classess have their place especially in bad weather but consider this: How many people on a stair machine, treadmill, or staionary bike at the 20 minute mark (or what ever mark they set at the end) decide maybe they will go on a little further? I'm thinking rather few.

Now on to my Un Gym. I actually rode my bicycle across town to the gym, scanned that card, then walked out to ride my bicycle home. Somewhere in there I decided to explore a street by the river to enjoy the scenery, diverted to the coffee shop (relax! Just ice coffee black with a single sugar and no cream) and even decided after I got home I would go out again for a second ride... this time a beer was involved but after all the day I think it was fair.

The only thing I can say against the day was after the second ride I couldn't take my own stench and had to hit my shower. I'm wondering in the end if I would have had a day at the gym that matched my un gym times two. You too can own an Un Gym X2 for no easy payments (how easy is that!) Have you looked around your house? There could be sidewalks near you that work almost just like a treadmill WOW!

At Foolsfitness we endorse the UNgymX2 not workout program!- Alan

Friday, May 1, 2015

17Lbs down Weigh In, Fitness Fail, N Boot Camp

New month new weight! Last month down another 7 pounds so in the last two months total 17 pounds down and now down to 344, about the weight at the start of the blog six years ago. These last few days for what ever reason (stress maybe?) I've been just wanting to eat everything I see. I've had some sucess at restraint but have slipped with two trips to the chinese food buffet, a couple pints of ice cream, and an extra what ever that gets too close to my mouth. That number should have been 20 pounds down but it's going in the right direction.

The fitness fail... my body apparently is about 41 percent fat! At the gym I felt a bit like I was abducted by aliens when a trainer had me lay on a table and he connected some wires to the back of my hand and foot then ran some electric resistance meter on me to get the numbers. The good news is somehow I have over 200lbs of lean body mass. He thinks I can maintain my body at around 2800 calories a day... meaning I can (and usually do apparently eat ALOT) eat like 2800 calories and not gain or loose weight in a day. I think they called it a BMR (Bacon, Mac, and Relax?)

A group of people from work have decided to get together at lunch time once a week and do a boot camp style aerobic workout at the local park. Well, being Foolsfitness has it's perks and I got an invite to join the fun! I can say I kept moving for the most part. Maybe in a couple of years I will show them some one arm push ups but now I just tried to keep the Darth Vader weezing down enough so the people next to me could hear most of what the instructor was saying. I may have passed out at one point and I still can't really feel my limbs. But in the end remember that this isn't a competition for me. The goal is just to move and enjoy doing it.

At Foolsfitness we are rebels, we do bootcamp in sneakers!- Alan

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Plan! World Domination! WAIT!

Honorable jedi master says, "Start at the beginning" What is a reasonable goal if you are in fact a person who weighs 350 lbs and consider making it up the stairs to your home a workout?! Maybe start with just move a little more (or at all?) or/and choose a beer maybe not two?

"I love it when a plan comes together!" Hannibal Smith from the A-team would say on one of my favorite shows as a kid when the group of guys would take on the latest trouble of the week in the mist of what seemed like chaos insued the plan would fall into place with ole George Peppard smiling and lighting up a victory cigar.
If there is no goal, no plan, it's hard to get results... even more how do you judge results? BUT WHAT IS A REASONABLE GOAL?! Have you ever looked at a diet/ weight loss/ fitness section of a bookstore or a library?! Or perhaps worse if you can't sleep you have found one of the hundred infomercials late at night that promises you will loose weight quick and easy and just see how perfect your life can be for a few easy payments!!! I can't help but wonder if the way you will loose weight fast is emptying your pockets.

Moreover if your seriously overweight and/or have health issues/ or have no serious level of any current fitness starting to jump around in some p-nuts insane hard core pump you up extreme nitro disco dancing workout blue rays seems at minimum totally unrealistic if not outright dangerous as you either injure yourself trying something your body just cant do or just flat out have a heart attack. I wonder if they just add those warnings of consult a doctor before starting an exercise program as a serious concern or just to make sure their own trim tails are covered from all the poor people not dropping pounds but just dropping.

If you do try to go the information route how soon will it be before your lost among: if eggs are good or bad for you? Your going to need some major file cabinet to keep track of No msg, no Gluten, No this and high that... isn't this super berry the magic fix? wait wasn't high fiber the answer... sodium is of the devil right? No carbs, high protein eat like a caveman.

Then I start getting into the gym again after a very long time away. I've never considered myself an athlete even way back in my college days but I'm looking at all the new crazes that will "fix" everything since I've been away. Now there is combat fitness where you play with truck tires, kettlebells, and some kind of jungle gym rope thing hanging from the ceiling at the gym. You can get lost there almost as quick! Apparently there is also some magical window someplace that if you go and eat right after a workout where unicorns bless you with abs and...

So where does Foolsfitness stand on the issue? Consult my warnings in the top of the blog! I guess beyond some type of medical consultation which I do agree with I'm working out some more details.

*I don't believe in fads be them the latest craze in some super food or diet or gizmo.

*I don't want to "workout" I want to have fun. I'm not a gerbil on a wheel, I swim because I like to swim and bicycle OUTSIDE not in, because I enjoy looking around rolling down a hill and zooming around corners. Maybe the p-jump up workouts are fun for some people, good for them. Maybe someday I will play combat with the truck tire... it might be fun? later when I don't think about the complexity of getting up two flights of stairs.

*I am believing in NOT getting lost and overwhelmed in disinformation and general information overload. Thus the goal is just trying to be more mindful of eating and a bit more focused on doing a bit of movement. At some point perhaps I would/will freak out at the salt shaker next to me... But I can honestly say I am moving more than say two months ago, and am eating less junk and less volume generally that a few months ago too. No super rocket science. Old school common sense... trying to learn it I am.

At foolsfitness talk backwards we do- Alan

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Fast and Furious 7 DOUBLE ISSUE!

Foolsfitness Fast and Furious 7 Special Edition MEGA DOUBLE POST!!! PIZZA, BICYCLING, AND MORE! Lets start with Pizza. No, really! Then we will get to the bicycle. Friends and I got together and played some Dungeons and Dragons (Yes I am a nerd in real life too!) and a fine patron decided to support the game by offering a 23 dollar Pizza budget for a little party!!! I'm not sure if I believe in trigger foods but I am ready to say easily that Pizza (notice the cap on P) is one of my favorites, perhaps only topped by Chinese Food buffets and Shepards Pie. So "how does a sane person eat pizza?" I asked myself. I tried to eat a reasonable breakfast and lunch and plan the Pizza as dinner. Moreover keep myself to three slices over the night at the game. I am trying to come up with a reasonable food plan in general.
Above was breakfast. I found out the local hospital make three egg omletes to order for 3 bucks!!! You are looking at a super veggie omlete with swiss and spinach even topped off with salsa and tobasco! Gosh, what would you say that things calories work out to?

SO the FOOLSFITNESS CURRENT FOOD PLAN: Right now I'm playing with meals at 8am noon four and eight at night... as the world sets the plan off often a rule that any meal can go an hour in either direction... If I really feel "hungry" to look at V-8 like a free food and also have a halo or two if I feel starving...and lastly limit beer to one. Also to attempt to do something active physically each day unless I'm super sore. Of course "the plan" doesn't always get followed. Trying to keep me in line is like trying to herd cats. Last night for example "a meal" which started out as a good idea... well, I got three BIG links of chinese sausage at the market. I figured I might as well cook them all and somehow managed to mindlessly munch away... Then I thought.... If I did the math right about 1450 calories and near 2/3 were fat... um- right. Runs with scissors?-CHECK! It's a work in progress. Next food goal is watching the quanity?!
It's been spring here the last few days and the local Bicycle shop repaired my trusty boba Fett... My Raleigh Venture 7 speed. So over the last few days I've been on the bicycle three times. Short rides until I build up my legs again. Look at the zoom in of the seat below. I bought this bicycle new years ago. I know I have ridden it over 2,000 miles and that my friends is a trophy!!!
On to the next goal... I'm going to attempt to ride the bicycle to the movies to see Furious 7. I think it's a fairly large goal, I've ridden there in the past but it is a town away and I haven't built up my riding legs yet from winter off

And remember the only thing Fast and Furious that is done at Foolsfitness is eating at the Chinese Food Buffet!- Alan

Friday, April 10, 2015

Dog Paddling

Trying to get back to the gym...

Over the last week got like 3 or 4 swims in at the gym. Then I got sick and ended up at home for three days trying to shake a cold and ate way too much. Hey, It's a work in progress. I've got ARNOLDS WEIGHT... just the opposite fat to muscle ratio. I did plug away with a VERY short swim this morning but had to get to work... even typing this on a lunch break... it's about commitment. Hopefully getting back to the pool tonight after work to finish what I started. Keep up the fight my friends.

And don't forget that running our mouth is an aerobic workout at Foolsfitness!- Alan

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1st Foolsfitness Returns!

It's the six year anniversary of Foolsfitness! Thats right six years ago on April 1st Foolsfitness came into being!

So most of last night my heart raced thinking about jumping on the scale at the hospital. This morning I find my self asking "Do these socks feel heavy" and trying to decide if I should avoid using roll on deoderant... after all that adds at least maybe 1/4 of a ounce right?

THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY NUMBERS: a solid 10 pound drop last month and a good 32 pounds dropped in the last year. 352 pounds this morning. a mere 7 pounds up from my starting weight six years ago. In this six year journey I've gone as high as 393 and as low as 283! It's not all good but it's not all bad either. I am sitting at the hospital cafe, after digital weigh in with my glass of water with lemon slices and scrambled eggs with ham and cheese from their cafe. I may have mentioned at one point my worst meal was cheese curls oreo cookies and a beer!

I've been quietly working on things behind the scenes this year to drop about 30 lbs. But now Foolsfitness refocuses. I bought a bright pink tiny laptop (hopefully for blogging at least once a week) and just rejoined the gym yesterday for a "trial" 2 weeks. My poor boba bicycle got hit by a car when it was locked on a telephone pole last year. I've yet to either fix or replace it... but a step at a time. Actually later today a swim at a time as I'm going to the gym. (words I have not said in a while!) Be well my friends, as time goes on I will try to check in on you now that I have a computer again! But I only get net on the go not at home sadly, so the current goal is at least a blog a week to try to maintain accountability focus and all that.

Don't forget at Foolsfitness we will mug that Easter Bunny for that basket full of chocolate eggs!- Alan