Monday, September 28, 2009

Went Cow Tipping this Week

If you’re not familiar with “Cow tippen’ ” you are suppose to sneak up on a standing cow that’s asleep and give them a quick push on the side and they fall over.
Tony “The Anti-Jared” wrote in one of his recent blogs about spilt milk and metaphors and analogies tied into weight loss. I agree with the end of his blog, however I think he should have expanded on the idea.
First, Do not cry over spilt milk. I see a couple of options here. Well, it’s obvious… deny the spilt milk’s existence. “I’m not really fat. Most people are overweight… I’m normal” If you need to cry, just cry to the side of the spilt milk NOT over it. I’m not sure why crying over it is dangerous… maybe you could step on the broken glass or something. Sometimes people don’t admit to themselves how dangerous it really is to be morbidly obese.
Many people don’t like taking any personal responsibly any more. People complain about credit card or house loans and quickly point to “predatory lenders” while I hear about no one saying how they are the ones running up their own debt, buying junk on credit cards and not reading the fine print of a house loan… or living beyond their means in a house the can’t afford! So, “The glass was slippery. It’s not my fault.” the weight version might be…” I was stressed. I ate out.”
Oh, it can get way more complex. “My friend filled the cup too full.” So I can’t say no to the 2nd piece of homemade pie? The bingers will pour more milk on top of it…(personally I don’t know why I eat more after I already know I ate too much… there is no logic to it.) Even just shrug and drink from the carton.
Where Tony and I differ is we both acknowledge the floor is slippery (a trigger food) he goes around the house to avoid it. I say we just need to walk very carefully. If you’re a fan of the fad diets, magic pills, or exercise gadgets you’ve got lots of options… maybe silly ones. Switch from glasses of milk to sippy cups or back to baby bottles. Or the special booties that have little treads on them. Is it realistic to wear booties or walk around the house to avoid the slippery hallway for the rest of your life?
Tony promotes the weight monitoring plans to learn portions. That to me makes sense. Don’t run with the glass of milk or fill the cup up so much. I disagree to avoid the slippery hallway and just walk careful though.
Finally the point some seem to miss… You’ve got milk on the floor… remember? CLEAN IT UP!
I spilt some milk last week. I saw the glass tipping and sloshing but didn’t focus enough to hold it. Then I filled the glass too full again. My first recorded gain (+3 pounds)
Back to cow tipping. I grew up around farms. I have never tipped a cow (What are they going to do with a 5? Maybe tip them with grain! ) I have never seen a cow tipped over. But this last week **in spite of ALL I know**, I hesitated questioning if the myth was true to the point of calling my best friend’s dad who had cows his whole life and relatives who farm as well. Cows don’t sleep standing up. If they don’t know you they are likely to walk away from you when you approach them. Cows are very heavy. Even if you could tip them it would be with a shoulder block. So you would need a mutant cow (that sleeps standing up) who’s sick (so they could tip over) a Ninja (who’s good at sneaking up on things) and that Ninja needs to be a body builder to push over the animal that weighs hundreds and hundreds of pounds.
If you want to loose weight and think you can’t…don’t hold on this myth of cow tipping. Guys like the Anti-Jared and Sean Anderson show it’s a myth by carefully watching everything they eat and how much along with some moving. Even adding back my gain I still have dropped 25 pounds. Eat in decent portions and keep moving and you WILL see positive changes!!! Yet for a time last week I believed in cow tipping. Believing in cow tipping doesn’t make it true. It would be like denying the reality of caloric deficit when meanwhile your scarfing down a pound bag of candy. Next time when doubt sneaks in I hope to instantly remind myself it’s a myth. Giving in to believing in garbage, is giving in and eating too much garbage, and makes my life garbage in the end.
Foolsfitness wants to remind you that a little mini-moo creamer is 10 calories, a flavored one can be 30 or even 60 calories! Cow tipping is a myth. You *can* however frighten a certain species of goat and they *will* fall over. But they are not cows. - Alan


  1. If a cow ever got the chance, he’d eat you and everyone you care about!

    I like those flavored creamers, but yes, the calories are outta control.

  2. I found some stuff called Oat Milk. Im sure its wayyy wayyy more Oat than milk, but it comes in flavors! One flavor is like maple or something. Thats pretty good in coffee....though I love me some real cream! Its also good in mashed acorn squash, cuz we all need our veggies dont we!?
    With cow tippin, I figure long as the cow doesnt fall ON TOP of you, its cool. Though I always wondered if that was a real activity-- thanks for clearing things up!

  3. Is cow tipping really a myth? What? There goes my weekend plans! Thanks.
    Seriously--thank you for the mention. My mission for the rest of my life is to spread the word that losing weight doesn't have to be complicated. If it is, it's because we make it that way. The food, the exercise, the mental changes---the entire package can be had and experienced in a very simplistic fashion. The 33 billion dollar weight loss industry will not like me someday...I plan on being very vocal with my message.
    I haven't spent a dime to lose this weight, and actually, we've saved money because we buy much less food!!

    My best always
    I love your writing---always


  4. interesting post! ive always been too scared to ask about cow tipping.

    CLEAN UP THE DAMN MILK. might have to try that instead of crying and whining.

  5. I know some gangsta cows. They've tried to mug me on several ocassions.

    I need to mop up some milk. We do have to learn to live with it at some point.

  6. You are 100% right when you say that we (the collective we) don't like personal responsibility. I like the way you are taking that responsibility for yourself!

    I know gains aren't fun, but it sounds like you already moved past it and are back on your plan. Great job on the weight loss thus far!

  7. Way to go on your 25 lbs gone! Thanks for clearing up that myth. I too always wondered about it. Good post!

  8. thanks so much for swinging by MizFit today.

    your comment made me LAUGH (& reflect upon my own magical powers over the DOUBLE STUFFS).

  9. That's why I had to give up coffee; I take mine Willy Wonka style, half creamer half coffee (sometimes with a melted Snickers bar, too). Bad all the way around.

    I don't think there's one way to drop the lbs but for me, the common sense approach seems best. Find something you can live with and, well... start living with it.

    BTW, thanks for all the kind and kooky comments over on JSGF. I do appreciate it.

  10. Alan, thank you for your comment on my blog. You understood what I was trying to say. I'm new to writing and after reading your blog... wow... you are so funny. I'll certainly be visiting you again.

    You know? those creamers are my new addiction. Really, because who just has one teaspoon? Looking forward to reading more of your blog. Take care

  11. I'm giving up coffee and switching to tea, though mostly because I can't stand it without lots of sugar. I just stick with milk, those creamers are too much trans-fat, too much plastic waste for me. Tea I can drink plain, or with a bit of honey.


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