Wednesday, September 23, 2009

No funnies today

Sorry, no funny section today... cartoonist strike (well this artist anyway?)

Well, not a lot of funny in here today… maybe with the exception of me. I can’t exactly put my finger on it. I *HATE* making excuses. When I say I’m going to do something I really try to go all out and make them happen. Here’s the “skinny” of it.
A couple of days ago after a swim I got seriously hungry… ravenously hungry. Mind you I’ve been a laser for weeks, tracking any calorie down to a sugar packet in my coffee. I don’t know if I got a little concerned over some headaches or the big loss over the weekend… I stayed the course. Yesterday I had excessive food. I hadn’t planned it. I don’t understand it. I even walked over 11.5 miles and had a swim. Now today I decide that I’m going to stop exercising for just today and let my body recover the push. Yet today the hunger is still pushing me over the top of what I plan for caloric intake.
AGAIN… I hate- hate-hate excuses. But I don’t know if I got a little low blood sugar thing or off vitamin needs thing that freaked out my body that snapped it (the headaches could be a sign?) or I just lost focus. Last post I even wrote about focus! For what ever reason is I’m really off. I know that photo a few weeks back really shook me. I still am the one holding the fork, so I take credit for it. But prayers for my “Mojo” here appreciated. No I didn’t “fall” off the wagon, there isn’t a wagon to fall off… no trick diets or magic pills here, I‘m not relying on berry juice from Smurf island.…
I’m really ripped about this. It isn’t me. After I write this I’m actually going to go out and buy a bag of Peanut M+M’s and sit on my Humpty Dumpty wall and try to figure it out, think it through. I really want to understand what happened and what’s going on. If it’s just a cut too far back on intake thing fine… BUT if it’s a “me (psychic) fail” I’m so angry. I have plans. I need to know what it is to fix it and stop it from happening again. Either way I need to reset to get back on track. Rats-rats-rats. After a 25 pound plus loss did I just get too confident, push too hard, run out of steam, or am I just doomed to fail in some grand epic universal destiny? I really don’t want excuses I want a clear answer. I don’t want to make the same mistake twice… I want to make all new mistakes!
Well, I’m off to hunt down some M+M’s and a wall to ponder on.
Again your prayers please… Because Foolsfitness knows that faith in God is no joke.-Alan


  1. Hunger is hunger. Your body be telling you something. Don't beat yourself up. Eat...but not those M & Ms. Lolz.

  2. Hi Alan. I think it's safer to lose the weight a little more slowly. Maybe you've been doing a little too much exercise for the amount that you've been eating? Maybe you need to eat slightly more? It may be that 100 calories more a day would stop you tipping over the edge. It's better to eat just a small amount more every day and lose more slowly than feel like a failure and give the thing up as a lost cause.

    You are not a failure, your body is just really stuggling now to keep up the pace. All it means is that you need a slight adjustment with your food intake. It isn't a psychic failure just a body under strain.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  3. Dude! You are hungry! Hunger is normal. And hunger is what derails many of us, over and over again.

    That is the miracle of the band. When adjusted properly, viola, hunger gone! Its the feeling thin people must have all the time....Food? What food? Who cares about food?

    Please take it easy on yourself. Try for 90% good days, and you will be more than 90% there. Keep up the good work, Fool.

  4. How much are you eating?

    If I'm truly hungry, I eat. But I eat healthy. :)

    I'm having a sucky day in ways I won't bore you with and I just busted my printer.

  5. I am all about excuses. So kudos to you for not making as many. I have made the same mistakes a million times. I feel like I never learn but it looks like you are.

    got my fingers crossed you figure things out, mister. hope you dont fall from the wall either. don' over think things <3

  6. spent lots of time reading your blog last night...Id be honored if youd ever wanna guest post at MizFit and bring more testosterone my way!


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