Thursday, October 1, 2009

6 Months + Hungry at Foolsfitness

Well I “officially” started my Journey on April fools day (April 1 of 2009)… it just seemed right for “Foolsfitness” to be born then. I weighed today and hit my lowest weight since the beginning now 312 (that’s 31 pounds gone!), this is my 51st blog post and I have over 50 fabulous Foolsfitness friends who keep me going when it’s tough and share in the joys! Everyone’s comments keep me focused and fill me up better than candy! I’m really blessed to not be alone in the war. THANK YOU!
So today I did my poor impression of the M.C. Hammer, “Can’t Touch This” song… followed along with Vanilla Ice song, “Ice- Ice-Baby” and then I started by rabid frothing of, “I’m Too Sexy for My Shirt!” Then I started screaming, “Who’s laughing now? Who’s the Fool now!?” looking in the mirror. People at the office looked at me a little strangely.
Then I woke up to reality as I got home. (briefly… I just visit reality from time to time, my world is far better) I leave a pair of my old jean shorts on the bathroom door for reality checks. I have a simple rule, if I’m going to eat off what I plan for caloric intake I just try those shorts on… Well I got my legs in them and over my wide load behind at least! No chance Mr. Universe could even squeeze them to button up though…. Not even close!
I had a silly private goal I set in April… I really wanted to dress up as the old Batman (and not be laughed at) going to a Halloween cruise. I doubt even the plus size could fit… and it really wouldn’t be a superhero shape… even factoring in old Adam West didn’t have the perfect body. I might make it as the Penguin from the newer film, but that isn‘t my goal and I am not going like that… No compromises. It’s a blow of reality. Like seeing my Humpty Dumpty like pictures.
I’ve had a few Hiccups. I failed to focus on health for a month plus in the middle of this. But I got back, and even more focused. Even the past week or so my weight has been all over the park… somehow gained 3 pounds in a week then I lost 3 pounds in single a day and another 2 pounds lost in two more days. I can only attribute it to me being sick with a cold. I have no clue if I’m dehydrated or was holding fluids, different clothes or what… (I’m not starving myself) but I just take the number on scale from Oct 1st.
If I can encourage anyone here that may be a bit behind me on the scales.… I can NOT honestly say “You can do it!” (boy that’s modivation huh? But read on) Nor was it easy or in seven days! I can say I’ve come a long way… I’ve got a long way to go. If I CAN do it (I have done an over 30 pounds drop) Why CAN’T you do it too?! I have no secret drug or wacky diet. I try to be very careful watching my portions and I even have the occasional (GASP) candy bar… I had a cookie today! I don’t eat a box of them in a day though. I did at one time… I would down a whole pizza in a sitting and small leftover as a snack. If you want a trick just take a PEZ each day (Or a whole roll they are only 35 calories) and eat moderately and move…
Now is different… You bet I’m hungry sometimes… but I try to remember to tell myself that isn’t a food hunger. Food could sedate me a bit but in the end it just makes the hole bigger. I don’t even like the word “Diet” or people shoving rice cakes at me. It’s real life for me… a life long journey of food choices. I don’t even like the term “Bad” food. It’s just a thing… it has no power… A cupcake will not kill you. Notice the word “A”. I just eat a half a dozen in a day. (just seeing if you were paying attention! I just keep my intake at are 1500 calories in small meals throughout the day… if I’m in a rush I just have a granola bar or occasionally even a candy bar) There is no wagon to fall off because there is no “Diet” to stop magically when I get to some number. If I had a diet it would be the Chimichunga and diet cream soda diet. There is no magic food mixture or low carbs or low fat. Just moderation, movement, and blogging!!!
My magic workouts thus far has only been walking at just a 2 miles per hour speed (But not stopping at the first mile or 20 minutes! I keep on walking baby!!!) and swimming for 45 minutes just trying to keep moving with my cheesy dog paddling, maybe one or the other or both 4 times a week. I got a bicycle recently but I only have used it twice so far (My back and legs got to get built up for riding any distance yet).That *is* the reason I called it Foolsfitness to mock the silly fad diet industry and those silly 8 minute a day work out machines that look like a cross between medieval torcher devices and modern art sculptures.

I’ve got a long way to go still, lets walk this journey together. It’s an adventure! I won’t even settle when they let me in the “League of Extra-Ordinary Fat Men”… because it won’t be done. I think I’m in it for life. I really want a life. The world needs another superhero, and I think I can find one under all this weight in time.
I want a 9 to 5 career at the gym as a personal trainer to inspire and help others too (and keep me on track too…I can never forget that this never ends, I know I need daily reminders and renewed motivations). Like the Hobbit who wrote “There and Back” how can a guy who’s fit all his life understand what it feels to shake looking at one of those white plastic lawn chairs? Or be winded just going up a flight of stairs? That fit all his life guy has not walked into a 24 hour convience store weighing 350 pounds at 2 AM for a binge on a 2-liter soda, 2 candy bars and a pack of cupcakes. They don't know what it was like to get picked last in gym class for teams.
I want the FJ Cruiser with the Foolsfitness logo on the side and a condo along with the career at the gym. You bet I’m hungry…I’m hungry, for a life. I hope I’m more hungry for that than spending *ALL* of my days at the Chinese food buffet. (there will be *some* visits though… “moderation” is my new mantra)
Mark my words that Batman costume will be a certain next year. So will the Conan the Destroyer replica sword that will be engraved with the dates and “100 pounds lost” in time. (feel free to insert Rocky type “Eye of The Tiger” music here) Mr. T doesn’t need to pity this Fool.
I hope your hungry, can stay hungry, or can get hungry!
At Foolsfitness it’s about feeding the Hunger!- Alan


  1. Hey Alan,

    Thanks for the nice comments on my blog! Congratulations on sticking to this for 6 months AND getting 31 pounds off! Yeah, you might not be Batman this year, but I'll bet by next Halloween you'll be in that costume, looking good!

  2. Congrats!!! I have a pair of "fit into these jeans" jeans too! I'm not close yet either but I'm closer than I was last month (and the month before that and the month before that...).

    Keep it up and love the motivation!

  3. Good post!!! Way to go on the 31 lbs gone forever. Slow and steady wins the race that's what I keep reminding myself.

  4. You are too funny. You have me so psyched reading your post. I'm all "Risin' up, straight to the top, had the guts, got the glory,"... sorry, I can't remember the rest of the words but that's gotta be my new mantra. Great post.

  5. Great post! Keep up the good work! :)

  6. Don't let the lack of fit discourage you. I'd get frustrated that I didn't fit into smaller clothes when I thought I should. It happens though. In its own time and in its own way your body will one day fit into those shorts and look hot in a batman costume.

    I'm so glad you're keeping on with a great attitude. All's you've got to do is keep going.

  7. Over 30 pounds in 6 months is pretty freaking impressive! Way to lose.

    And by old Batman, I hope you mean Adam West. *sighs dreamily*

  8. Yea man, keep it coming. Success is yours for the taking. Batman awaits!

  9. Hi Alan. Really great post. It's annoying that weight loss doesn't happen quicker or easier, but you're doing well with 30lbs down.

    I'm sure you'll be *hot* in the Batman costume by next Halloween. In the meantime you'll just have to settle for looking great as Father Christmas or looking cute in a fluffy chick costume at Easter.

    And we'll keep cheering you on. You're on a great journey and this is just part of it.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  10. This was such a good post!! Know what I loved most? (besides the usual dose of offbeat witty humor that I love from Foolsfitness!)...

    That your journey is not based on FEAR: oh no, I can't eat one bite or I will regain it all..

    But your journey sounds based on the Confident A plan: you have confidence that you can choose A cookie, A cupcake, etc, knowing you have the power to choose your new life over being sedated with food. You are no longer afraid of any food, you have removed it's power over you.

    Yep, you have inspired me! Thank you,

  11. Your doing great, Keep it up!!!

  12. alan, I hoipe you are VERY proud of yourself because i am!!!

    - Lisa

  13. "The world needs another superhero, and I think I can find one under all this weight in time."--I love it!

    My sister always got to play Batman and I had to be Robin. . .despite those old wounds, I'd love to see you get in the suit!!

    Congrats on your success and attitude.

    Thanks for all your supporting comments on my blog.



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