Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Weird Signs!

There are some weird signs out there. I actually saw a “turtle crossing” sign. It makes me think where is the little tiny white crosswalk and how do the turtles read the sign in the first place to know to cross there? Next there is the “motorcycles use caution” sign… does that mean anyone else can drive as insane as they wish? “be prepared to stop”, shouldn’t you always be prepared to stop? There are no “be prepared to go” signs. Then all the slow children signs. I’ve seen a fair amount of kids and they seem pretty quick. Those kids that are so slow should get more exercise. Moreover they can’t be all that slow if they get around to all those signs. (those signs are all over the place)
I’m spending half the day at the supermarket trying to figure out all the signage on food labels. Just to get a drink I picked up one on sale for a dollar (yeah, I’m thrifty) and it has advanced electrolyte something with the power of 4 ion. This bad boy is advanced to the point it’s “vitamin enhanced“. I read the label that looks like a scientific report on the catastrophe of your body’s internal global warming and how it has the four critical target… oh, never mind. The odd thing was it was “GRAPE” but with all this it had NO FRUIT JUICE. But under calories it does actually list the word “energy” so at least we got that covered.
This weekend I traveled and actually tried to pull up some internet food information on restaurants I thought I might eat at. It was like cramming for finals back in college. Somehow steak tips comes under the caloric value of a turkey sandwich at one place and one ice cream Sunday that I like appears to be just under about two-thirds my daily caloric intake (just under 900!) while I try to set my intake at about 1500. I searched and search the menu and settled on a chicken soup and salad and flung the croutons at irritating kids in the booth next to me. I asked the server if I could get the garlic bread without butter… and he explained that it came pre-buttered. So I passed.
It was amusing to see the shock and awe later as I helped myself to a huge chocolate donut with health crunch on it. No one seemed to understand that I had factored those calories into my daily plan. The next day even a sub and chocolate shake. Perfect choices… no, but this week DOWN another two pounds! (321.5)
I have been working hard under controlled conditions and this weekend I could have done more but I’m on target. Until I really memorize caloric values and portion sizes I’m just going to try to stick to avoiding fried, supersized, and seriously creamy things. Or when I do, just get smaller ones.

At Foolsfitness it's OK to eat a Doughnut!- Alan


  1. Turtle X-ing. How cute is that.
    And good on the lbs. My intake is never *perfect* but I think it doesn't have to be.

  2. Alan - doughnuts are almost virtuous in my book!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx


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