Monday, September 21, 2009

Fan-atics of NASCAR with socks

I went to a NASCAR race over the weekend thanks to a free ticket of friend. This was my first experience watching live “serious” car racing. I would like to say a few things about it. First, they are loud. Second, they go very fast then make left turns and repeat it many times until they get tired or run into a wall or each other or a mix of the two.
I really want to mention the fans. These are very serious folk. They have racing jackets complete with the racer’s sponsor logos. They have flags of the racers numbers flying from their campers, most seem to like to BBQ and many seem to like beer perhaps a little excessively. They even camp at the track. There are lots of trailers that sell everything. I’m not talking hats and shirts, I mean everything. No joking here they actually even have socks and dog bowls with the racer logos on them!
Imagine if Church was that way. You’d have the Saint John the Baptist guys in the back complete with camel hair shirts and fake beards that have wild honey and locust bits in them doing the wave. Toward the front left in the second pew a row of monks who have shaved communion wine bellies standing in the order that says John 3:16 with a letter or number on each guy. On the other side of the aisle you’ve got a family, the dad wearing a shirt that says “Rev. Swan prays well“. The mother has a shirt that says, ”Saint Benedict rules!” the kids have little flags waving that the best Bibles are King James Bibles. The pastor steps up to the lectern and his frock has logo patches for the Rosary, New American Standard Bibles, and Jesuit Holy Water. Imagine people paying the price for tickets they pay the race track to get seats in the best pews for view of the alter! Oh don’t forget the monks camped in tents outside the church just waiting for Sunday who sit in circles doing Gregorian Chants! Anyone who walks by them, they just hold up Bibles and start yelling, ”Woooo! Sunday 10am Baby it’s on! Pastor in the house!” Please don’t get me wrong… I love the Lord and actually I’d love to see a little of the racing fan type passion in the house of God.
I’m not encouraging people to start going out and buying Richard Simmons key chains (They really make them! Actually I’d kind of like one ) but maybe adopting a Foolsfitness Fanatic approach to health. For me I’ve got to want that svelte V more than an O. I need the fanatical approach to want it more than lots of Capital M’s of local Micky D’s. I think another blogger (Sean of loosingweighteveryday) describes it as his “ironclad” decision. I think for me any half hearted approach is just going to lead to half hearted results. It’s not going to be about some trick diet but the fanatical commitment of it being down to Foolsfitness Socks! (I’m really not kidding, the NASCAR booth guys sold socks and dog bowls with the car logos! Am I the only one who sees that as extreme?!!!)
At Foolsfitness life itself is a Extreme Sport!- Alan… a Foolsfitness Fanatic who’s cheering with a 1.5 pound loss over the weekend!


  1. half-assed approaches unfortunately do not lead to *half an ass* results. :D

    good going on the loss over the weekend.

  2. I'm the wading in type. That worked for me. Although, I did make an iron-clad commitment to making permanent changes I could stick to and working out.

  3. Loved the church meets NASCAR idea. It could get pretty scary though....

    My iron-clad commmitment period of weight loss resulted in iron-clad burnout, so that didn't really work so well for me....But half-hearted doesn't work either. There must be a Via Media of weight loss, like the Episcopal Church (to continue the religious theme)....

  4. I think it would be awfully cool if everyone who attended a church service would be as excited about being there as NASCAR fans are at Loudon. (I've never been - doesn't interest me, but I love your analogies.)

    They really sell dog bowls AND socks? Heh.

    ~ Katalia


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