Thursday, September 3, 2009

All My Food Comes in Plastic Wrappers!

I would like to explain my abhorrence to vegetables. I think it was a traumatic experience as a child. My exposure consisted of getting a plop of French Cut String Beans on my plate with dinner. Well there was mashed potatoes if you could count that as a veggie. I think in my childhood I may have consumed the total lifetime allowance of two peoples French Cut String Beans. I don’t mind them but I may never eat them or oatmeal bread (that was the only bread my father thought that was made) ever again. Ironically my grandfather was a chef.
I know deep down, however limited that I admit, that veggies should be your pals. My only current way of stomaching them is in drinking vegetable juice with a splash of hot sauce in it. I’ve even called my v-8 a “free” food off my daily caloric intake to convince myself to drink it.
Now I’d like to blame it on the fact I only have a kitchenette at my flat but it’s no excuse to explain why all my food seems to come in plastic wrappers. I have walked past the other aisles getting toward the frozen food section, so I know other food does exist. That whole fresh food aisle I am really intimidated by. The only reason I’ll skirt near it is that it’s between me and the deli counter.
Oh, I have another excuse… I’m a bachelor. Not only do I not like complex things to make I loath cleaning up. I have literally thrown away dishes rather than clean them and just started with new ones, multiple times. To all you other guys out there… this is a great system because you can find dishes real cheap at flea markets, yard sales, and the salvation army and goodwill thrift shops! (I know you think I try to be funny but I’m actually serious and honest about the last paragraph! Scary huh?)
Oh, one more feeble excuse. I’m counting calories and I can’t find the apples that have the nutrition information printed on the skin of them. I’ve got to understand portions better. They list things like “average” apple caloric information and 4 oz of some fruit. I though OZ was where Dorothy and Toto went, and don’t I want a good or exceptional apple? If I’m going to buy an apple I’m not going to settle for just an “average” one! Some woman tried to tell me a serving of meat was a deck of cards and a serving of cheese was dice… I don’t want Monty Carlo night I just want dinner.
I heard about Spaghetti squash. Can someone post a comment on how to prepare this stuff. I really am new to the whole veggie cooking thing. Does it taste like Ramon Noodles? I like them!
Oh, also how do I make a “smoothie”? Can you suggest something healthy? What goes in them? Are they like Chocolate Shakes? I like them!
I’m trying, honest. I do like and eat veggie burgers. Does anyone know where I can get some veggie burger seeds? I might be able to keep a couple potted plants of them on my fire escape.
I’m serious about leaving me any comment (they really do lift my spirits and energize me) but if you know anything about smoothies and spaghetti squash prep please share.


  1. Chocolate Shake (like) Smoothie: non fat vanilla yogurt, banana, a small bit of chocolate syrup...if you want to really amp up the fiber add some ground flaxseed...but if that's too weird for you, you can do without it :)

    Spaghetti Squash: Made it once...wasn't a hit at my house, so I promptly forgot how to cook it. I remember you pierced it with a fork, baked it for forever, cut it open and removed the seeds and then pulled the "spaghetti" out of it...

    Just found your blog, I love it!

  2. My best friend Pam LOVES spaghetti squash and knows how to make it...probably even has a recipe on her food blog. It's listed on my blogroll and it's called Lobster and Fishsticks...check it out. She's gotten really good at "healthifying" tons of recipes...especially comfort foods like beef stroganoff and the like. She even has a recipe for brownies that you can actually afford to eat!

    Smoothies are incredibly simple if you have either a regular blender or an immersion blender...the one that looks like a wand and you just stick down in the cup and blend....

    If you like bananas, that's a good base for any smoothie. You can buy a bunch of them and stick them in the freezer to make them last....the peel will turn black, but the inside is just fine. It adds some sweetness and "heartiness/thickness" to the smoothies. Then add whatever other fruit you like....I've used strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and fresh pineapple. Some people use mangoes, but I don't like those. I also add a couple of tablespoons of light vanilla yogurt and some 1% milk to help with the blending. Just make sure you add up the calories before you throw everything together. I accidentally made a 400 calorie smoothie once from not paying attention, lol. I throw in some ice because I like mine frozen/frosty...and even though you think fruit is sweet, chances are it won't be sweet enough. I don't use sugar anymore, so I use 1 packet of Stevia in it. It's made from raw sugar, it's natural, not processed, and it has zero calories. I also use it in my decaf coffee. Fabulous stuff. :) I hope this helps!!

  3. Hi Alan. Thanks for your comment - especially as I think you had to type it out twice? Much appreciated. Unbelievably I'm just typing this out for the second time.

    Do you have microwave in the bag veg in the US? This is how I deal with veg (when I do deal with veg). Buy bag of prepared mixed veg, stab the bag with nice pointy knife (very good for dealing with any anger issues you might have), microwave for 6 mins. End of. Serve with frozen ready meal of your choice.

    Sadly I know nothing of spag squash. Smoothies is just putting a load of fruit - strawberries and bananas are always popular - in a blender, adding fruit juice and possibly yoghurt if you like it, and whizzing. Do you have a blender? If not it's not going to happen, unless you get particularly energetic with a pestle and mortar...

    My ex - The Bear - always throws out the crockery rather than washing it! Perhaps this practice is more widespread than I'd thought.

    Yours ever,
    Bearfriend xx

    PS Who's Monty Carlo?!

  4. I don't like veggies either. I'm learning, though. How about pre-bagged salads? That's easy. lol (And what I do.)

    I don't make smoothies or spaghetti squash, so I can't be of any assistance.

    Hey, buy paper plates. lol

  5. OK smoothies I dont make, though I DO have a new blender that I have yet to open after several months. May have to use some of your lovely comments as inspiration!!

    Spag Squash I have made--yep you peirce the godawful thing, bake or nuke it and then cut it open and drag forks through the flesh to get the "spaghetti" out. It may LOOK kinda like yellow spaghetti but to me its just long stringy squash. You may like it but...the best thing I have found to substitute for pasta or rice or whatever are tofu shiritaki nooodles. You gotta really really RINSE them out of the package but they heat up fast and for like 40 calories add a great "bed of something" under spag. sauce, turkey or veg chili, fajita style stuff or...hint hint---chineseee stir fry!!!!

    I do hope you find some veggies you like; seriously eating mass quantities of veggies is how I survive on this weight loss thing! I have a turkey-pumpkin chili recipe on one of my old blog posts that contains a bunch of veggies (and you cant even taste the pumpkin!) check it out or email me for the recipe if it appeals :-D

  6. I know lots of people love to use smoothies as a weight-loss tool (and certainly you've gotten some good comments about how to get started making them), but the problem I always had with them was that they didn't make me feel full. It's so easy to think of smoothies as being a snack or mid-morning thing, but for the calories consumed, I never felt sufficiently satisfied. I mean, I like to eat -- I like to chew, I like to digest, the whole thing, or else I wouldn't be having to think about my weight in the first place -- so why trade it for just swallowing a mixture?

    I definitely prefer chowing down on enormous quantities of carrots, raw spinach, apples, mangoes, etc, etc, rather than drinking calories in smoothie form.

    Also, spaghetti squash is very disappointing if you're looking to enjoy it as a spaghetti replacement. I second the suggestion for tofu shirataki noodles, which are friggin' delish!

  7. I have an excuse too... I hate veggies. :)

  8. I haven't made it in awhile, but here's my post and recipe:

    Also very simple and yummy are roasted veggies:

    Those will taste and look as if you're a real gourmet. :) I love the roasted veggies.

  9. Alan,
    LOL...Shaking head on the dishes...LOL *smile* you made me laugh...
    You can make a smoothie out of just about any fruit and it is YUMMY!!!
    Never cared for veggie burgers, but never really gave them a fair chance....ony 100% beef for dont like turkey burgers either...Pam is your girl for the Spaghetti squash for sure....hope it helps...

  10. I think if you're worried about the calories in an apple, you're not doing this right. I consider all fruits and veggies free, and I eat them in huge volume. Usually just raw, though if you're going to do that, you might want to hit a farmers' market, as the stuff in the grocery store is grown not for flavor, but for shipping and looking good on a shelf. High volume, low calorie food is easiest and least painful way to change your diet and lose weight. Take a cooking class, get a cookbook, learn to love produce.


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