Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Humpty Dumpty NSV?

I read about so many people speaking of NSVs (non-scale victories) Are there non-scale defeats? NSDs? The whole centering the universe around the scale to start with seems odd. If you do something that doesn’t cost or make money that is good is that a NMV (non-monetary victory)? No one I’ve ever heard of has said after President Obama won, “Well, it was a Non-Republican Victory.”
Come Monday I’m going to cower a bit stepping on that scale wondering if those peanut butter and jelly sandwich slip-ups are real setbacks… or that food I ate at the church social was a non-portion defeat (NPD)

Because I think I’ve got through the “honeymoon” stage of my weight loss journey, now I seem a little less bullet proof. It may be simple in concept to just keep physically active and eat sensibly, but in practice it seems a bit more complex to apply.
I guess what really took the wind out of my sails is the picture above taken two weekends ago. I’ve worked hard and it’s impossible for me to see that 20ish pounds gone in that pic. It’s hard to see any weight gone at all. I realize at my weight a few pounds is not in percentage, but still… Seeing that guy, it’s surreal… I don’t feel that big. I can’t pull my mind away from thinking of the image of Humpty Dumpty.
I guess Humpty Dumpty and I have a few things in common. He and I both appreciate a good wall to sit on. Sitting on a wall helps you think. It’s what I call HDTV or “Humpty Dumpty TV” Then I turn from what was behind me to the mass in front of me yet to come down 20ish now 120ish more to go, what?! What really happened to Humpty Dumpty anyway? There are the conspiracy folk who think Humpty Dumpty didn’t fall off that wall but was pushed. Maybe he jumped? What if he just needed to free himself from that shell, after all he might have been a bird that needed to break open the shell so he could eventually fly.
Yet I can’t help but wonder if being an egg made him any less. It’s a freaky philosophical thing I’m pondering about when I’m less of me will I be less of me? While the me now is less healthy is it less valid? Is more me less of the real me? Maybe the egg sat there on the wall and pondered these deep questions. Maybe it appreciated just being an egg in the moment. Then he got scrambled in the end… Now that’s really depressing.
Well fellow eggs, lets do this for Humpty. Lets appreciate being an egg in the moment sitting on our wall and breaking out of that shell if that is our destiny. I like the whole image of the bird hatching and flying away from the broken shell thing, but I not so keen about the image of an omelet.
At Foolsfitness it’s all about striving for eggsallence!-Alan


  1. I find some kind of solace in buying the egg whites in a carton instead of breaking my own eggs and just throwing away the yolk. I know in theory it's the same business, but I just don't like cracking up all those baby birds. Guess I'm just a big ol' softie afterall.

    I was trying to appreciate my own egg shaped torso this week for about two minutes but that was fleeting. I agree with the message though, as always :)

  2. Love this post. Good on you for posting that pic you hate. I can totally relate to it. Because I've lost about 20 pounds and I cannot see a difference in photos of me but you can either use it as motivation rather than being disheartened by it *nods*

    I think I definitely need to get out of my shell... if only for a little while.

  3. Hi Alan, Yes it's tough to keep going. The further distance between you and the lovely eats you're missing out on, the harder it becomes. But maybe your Humpty picture will keep you focussed on your goals. Another 20 lbs and you really will notice the difference in how you look and how you feel.

    Remember, less is more!

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  4. I shouldn't, but I can't help but laugh at your humor in this post although the subject isn't funny. :) I REALLY admire your honest approach by posting the pic. It is hard when you are as big as we are so see the results in a pic, but you WILL get to that point.

  5. Its the same for all of us. I have gotten so used to the 60 lbs being gone that when I see myself now I think I look HUGE! When I first lost that and could buy size 22 clothes again (instead of 28)--I was so proud and thought I looked great! I guess the good news is--adjusting to the weight makes me want to lose more badly--so that I can feel great again about how I look.

  6. Hell, I can relate. You look very dapper in those threads.

    Appearance is fleeting anyway. Very soon you're going to start to 'feel' great and that's better than what you look like. Hold onto it when it comes around and nurture that. It will see you the rest of the way through.

    I have never used a scale this time, so all my V's were NSV's I guess. I was at a loss as to what you all were talking about for awhile. LOL

  7. How have I not stumbled upon your blog before now? Love it! Now I'm off to go play "catch up"!

  8. Thanks for commenting on my blog. Now going to 'perve' on the rest of your posts and catch up like the commentator above me. As Dori says in Finding Nemo...Just keep swimming! I'm at the same stage as you so can totally see where you're coming from. xx

  9. Hi there! :) Making those pizzas are super easy!
    1 whole wheat pita (approx. cal 120)
    2 tablespoons ANY jar pizza sauce ( I use ragu) ( 35 calories)
    2 ounces reduced fat mozzarella cheese (this varies depending on the brand! I look for the lowest in calories)
    add any toppings you like, I prefer veggies-mushrooms and spinach. I like a dash of pepper too.

    I have a toaster oven that I pop them into-but you can use a regular oven- maybe 400 degrees for 8-10 min or until the cheese is melted. :)

    If you make them, let me know how they came out! :)


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