Monday, March 1, 2010

Questions, Movies, + Endorsements… Oh My!

I’d like to officially endorse Foolsfitness non-endorsing stance but first…

If you were a character in a movie who would it be? Is it the character you want to be in the movie you want to be? There have been moments in my life that I’ve had the blessing to have almost lived “Ferris Bueller's Day Off “ I‘ve actually woken up in the morning and somehow ended up in a parade or rock concert out of the blue.… Where everything got bigger than life and nothing could go wrong.

Sometimes I feel like Frodo in The Lord of the Rings. Going on this walk forever, to rid myself of this burden… that dumb ring that weighs so much and I can‘t get rid of it. Sometimes it feels a bit like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz has sent her flying monkeys after me. I’ve had a bit of “you’ve got mail” but not the cool ending. I may have lived a bit of “Napoleon Dynamite” as a kid.

I wonder if lots of us feel like we are in those movies of epic quests and journeys, be it Alice in Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, or Lord of the Rings.

If I could pick a character… I’d be tempted to pick Richard Simmons. Technically he’s not a “character” but if I could tone down the sequin shirts thing a bit he seems to rock. I don’t think there is a “Rocky” or much of a “Rambo” in me. I’m more the old Obi-wan Kenobi who meets up with Luke sky walker in the original 1977 era movie, and frankly while most kids relate to Luke or want to be Han Solo I’m aiming for the Ideal of that old wise Jedi. Still many days I feel like it’s a bit of Monty Python. Sometimes it isn’t so bad though… I’m never “bored” I never really understood how people can be. Maybe that’s the blessing of being an artist… but I digress.

*So who are you in what movie and who would you like to be (if different?)*

Now to “endorsements”. In a recent comment section someone seems to be plugging some kind of Smurf berry juice that probably is touted to solve all your problems including lightening the weight of your wallet. This was the second time it would appear that the “comment” was just a way to steal ad space. I guess I’m complimented in a way that they think I have enough readers to warrant trying to get a name up. The sad part is they may not have taken the time to look at my “Fools Fitness Fellowship Pledge” on the right hand row that I am in no way a fan of magic potions, 5 minute workout machines, and all that gimmicky stuff.

Still, as of yet I have never deleted a comment and I appreciate comments. I even like comments that are constructive criticism. I do endorse free speech even if I think something someone says is off the line crazy. Because if I start playing the “I’m offended” Politically correct game and censer then everyone else gets offended and starts the same and eventually none of us can say anything at all. If I have to set a rule… and thus far it’s never happened… I’d be concerned with excessive harsh language if there may be a chance that younger viewers may also bump into the place.

Now that I know the Power that Fools Fitness wields in endorsement I guess I should endorse something beyond my “power of the plate” rule in that you have the ability to either put on or remove from the contents of your plate.

So I endorse… Blue skies with those puffy white clouds that can be in the shape of animals. I guess I’m guilty by association of endorsing Chinese Food as well?

At Foolsfitness we want your endorsement of you!!!- Alan


  1. Am i your first commenter? Wooooot!!

    I think I would be Captain Kirk or a heroine in a Jane Austen story. I lurves me some Jane Austen.

    Or, I play my own stories as movies in my head. So, I'd probably pick one of my own leads.

    Richard Simmons is great. I love his Oldies 2 workout. Mega fun. He wears nothing sparkly. The dorkier a workout, the more I love it. What does that say about me? LOL

  2. My friend,
    I can always count on a smile and a few laughs...on top of some serious inspiration from you.
    You're no fool! Nice attitude about these products my friend! I couldn't agree more!
    If you get an e-mail asking for your endorsement of a "magic" weight loss product---Just tell them you want to talk money. That always gets rid of them.

    My best always

  3. When I was in the fourth grade a classmate (and soon to be best friend for that year) asked me if I ever felt like Alice, all stretched out too big and like if I cried I would flood everything. The answer was "yes, yes, all the time!"

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