Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Holy Real Foods Batman!

The last fresh vegetable I had in my house was sometime last year (a spaghetti squash I actually did a blog about) I don’t recall the last fresh fruit I’ve had in my house beyond an old withered apple far back in my fridge, at least I think that was what it was… and what smelled in the fridge.

I took a Spring Challenge to eat foods that have more nutrition and tonight I am a man of action. Look closely and you will see fresh fruits and veggies, whole grain wraps, and in the front… oh, how’d that Funny Bone candy wrapper get in there?! Hey, I did get diet soda too and passed up the two for one special on the ice cream so cut me a bit of slack on the cupcake. Not a single chimichunga in that shopping trip!

I’m nuts about chimichungas and burritos so I figured I’m going to give wraps a shot. I found whole grain wraps at 160 calories a shot and cheese slices at 60, I figure a pickle slice is nada and 2 slices of extra lean ham only hits 50. Then 10 and 15 for salsa and jalapenos… that’s 295 before onions and tomatoes (what are the calories in onions and tomatoes anyway?) I encourage your ideas on keeping this interesting and roaming around the 300 calorie level. I got some kind of spray salad dressing that you can squirt ten times for 15 calories!!! Maybe I should just use that all day as a breath freshener?

Speaking of roaming… My scouting mission into the fruit and veggie aisle was like walking into an alien land (like I mentioned in that Alien Pod post last year) I finally figured out that they have little bag dispensers to put the produce in. Some food frightened and confused me. I thought a “leek” was what happens to a bad water pipe, and don’t have the slightest clue was a parsnip is. Are you suppose to eat parsley? I couldn’t believe they sold grass named after that kid from the little rascals too.

As I set out all this food on my futon to take a picture to prove I actually have REAL food I think I seriously messed up my cat. In all of her indoor life I’m not sure if she’s ever smelled things like fresh broccoli and strawberries in my house.

The last thing is when I got home I realized I actually don’t own a steak knife to cut up onions or tomatoes with. (don’t laugh! Some bachelors are that way!) I begged a understanding neibor… and she gave in on a loan of one with the promise to get it back as it’s part of a set. I tried to convince her to part with it, maybe she’ll forget she let me borrow it. She also reluctantly gave me a pot to cook the veggies in and I can keep that. It’s really not the most odd things I’ve asked to borrow by far.

At Foolsfitness it’s usually strange and bizarre yet ironically with not so much exaggeration as you might think!-Alan


  1. Yeah Alan! Great start.
    They have chicken fajita strips pre done in the freezer section...if you take bell peppers and slice them and then roast them in the oven and put them with the pre done chicken fajita...and then put 1/4 cup of lf or 2 percent cheddar cheese in it and wrap it and grill it...it's tasty...put salsa over that sucker and you have a decent meal for around 300-400 calories.
    Keep up the great work bud!

  2. I see the beginnings of the Next Iron Chef here...

  3. Sounds like some good healthy eats there. Try using avocado as a spread on your wraps its great!

  4. Yay! I feel the same way about the produce section, lots of "what is it people do with this?" Frozen veggies are less daunting (aka, won't die next week).

    Onions - 60 calories for an entire medium onion
    Tomatoes - hmm, 40 calories I think for a regular one. But tomatoes come in all sorts of sizes and varieties (grape, cherry, roma, beefsteak, German johnson, etc)

    What about a wrap with salad greens, tomato slices, jalapenos, a 1/3c canned black beans, and a couple of slices of grilled chicken? Oh and salsa.

    ... oh! and by the way, buy yourself a set of measuring cups if you ever buy a replacement for the steak knife you just borrowed off the neighbor lady. Just sayin.

  5. great grocery booty!!! not your bum, but your haul of fresh foods!!! good job...and yeah with those wraps you can stuff lots of yummy lo-cal things in em and enjoy.
    Personally I LOVE putting fat free refried beans and FF sour cream, with some brown rice in addition to the fajita ingredients cmoursler mentioned! And, how easy can it get especially with the precooked fajita strips? Delish!

  6. Oh, I love wraps! It's so easy to just throw together whatever you are in the mood for, and you can eat it cold or hot...

    One tip: since the wraps come in a pack of many, one way to keep them so they don't get moldy is to just pop them in the freezer. I put mine in one of those gallon size freezer ziplock bags.

    Then, when you want one, just slide a knife under the top one, and pop it up and loose. Set it out and let it thaw for a few minutes, or put it on a plate in the microwave for about 10 seconds and it's good to go, ready to fill with your grocery booty (that was a cute comment!). :-)


  7. LOLOLOL!!! Too funny!

    Although, I have not been much of a veggie person myself. My original goal was "to increas my veggie consumption" but I changed it to a number goal, because increasing from two servings a week, on a good week, wasn't much of a feat. chuckle.

    Some pointers that you may know, but helped me:

    If your vegies start to look sad, buy some ready made beef broth (I use Swanson), chop up your veggies, add a can of diced tomatoes, some chopped up leftover meat--boil it all until everything is tender--and you've got soup.

    Frozen veggies last better and are just as nutritious--more so if you let your fresh ones hang out too long.

    Cauliflower is a fair substitute for potatoes.

    That's all I've got. :D

    Congrats on your venture into the alien food aisle--and for making out to tell about it.


  8. Good for you! Real food is great! Your cat will get used to it, real food means "real" table scraps!


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