Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Challenge!

Spring is here! Well... if you live in the U.S.A. With natures fresh new start maybe it's time for our fresh new start too???

There is a neat challenge at:

That involves 13 weeks of trying to focus on better nutritional choices and a pledge to try to get a little movement in each day. Normally I tend to avoid the “challenges” circuit because I am concerned in building my fitness not around an end goal but this seems like a wonderful “spring” board to get me back on track after soooooo long of a funk.

Moreover you folk who have read my blog at all will know my nutritional choices need a bit of improvement as my diet is primarily chimichungas and granola bars with a smattering of Chinese food. Her “spring” challenge has a tigger mascot, but being a rebel and also a huge Eeyore fan I had to do my version.

I’ve stepped up my bicycling and have finally got a new bicycle to replace my single speed cruiser that I now gave to a friend.… my new bicycle is a 2009 Raleigh venture I bought as last years model for a sweet discount. I spend yesterday trying to get pannier (saddle) bags for the rear rack to no avail. I hit 4 local shops and no one has any in stock except one and they wanted 80 dollars. I hate to avoid shopping local for the on-line choice but I may give in this time. I didn’t pay eighty dollars for my old bicycle I just retired!!!

At Foolsfitness Eeyore will be bringing up the rear in Loretta’s Spring Challenge!!!- Alan


  1. I'm sure you will do great with the challange, enjoy that new bike!

  2. Great challenge and enjoy your new bike!

  3. I'm so glad you... and Eeyore... decided to join the challenge!

    That new bike sounds terrific... any chance of pictures?

  4. If you say
    I love eeyore too.
    Have you read the house at pooh corner?
    That eeyore is much more of a dry wit than the disney version. You'd like him.
    Good luck on your challenge.

  5. Hey, Alan! Thanks for stopping by my blog and WELCOME ABOARD the spring challenge. I love your Eeyore! (My vision is a little off, so at first I thought it was an elephant. chuckle. I thought that would have been rather appropriate for my badge. Oh, well...)

    Here's to the veggie aisle discoveries. (Although the frozen food section is good, too. I'm currently pretending that frozen cauliflower florets are potatoes.)

    A girl can dream.


  6. Hey, it's not about the end. Challenges are good motivation. I joined one and work and it's like single-handedly making me avoid ribs and fried chicken every weekend. Whatever it takes, right? :) Good luck!

  7. i love eeyore too..i am the biggest winnie the pooh fan there will do great! we all will just keep thinking positive and we can do this..have a great tuesday..kelli

  8. THANKS for the awesome encouragement!!! So honored to have someone like you and others like you following/joining/encouraging me along the journey!!

  9. Hello fellow Tigger!
    I started Loretta's Spring Challenge on April 1st. It'll be fun to keep checking in. I really need to focus and get after it. Its great to see your pic on the bike. I just started Spinning myself. OOOO I neat to get more seat time if you know what I mean.
    Keep on Keep'n on.


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