Friday, March 26, 2010

Riding for Penguins

The latest… I ate a bug! I’m riding my new bicycle down a huge hill. No, scratch that. I’m pretty much freefalling down the side of a cliff, and as I’m smoking my brakes to the point I’m smelling burnt rubber and I open my mouth to scream in terror… and gulp. I ate a bug. With that and the threshold of pain nearly reached in the soreness of my backside… I reached one of those Zen like states and epiphanies transcending to a higher plane, that only come from accidentally eating bugs I think. I knew my next goal…

I’d like you to join me in support of my VERY FIRST Bike-a-thon!!! I’m taking this fitness journey up a notch and to the next step. Boy I think it’s going to be a bit awkward being the largest (by far I’m pretty sure) bicycle rider in this. but my training has officially begun for the Jonathan Gilmour Fund Bicycle Run on May 8, 2010. I’m hoping to have some pictures to share and great stories to tell.

I didn’t decide lightly what charity to do my very first bike ride in. The Gilmour fund has helped fund the care for chimps at the Pandrillus Drill (a type of baboon) Rehabilitation and Breeding center in Nigeria, studies of Hornbills in Thailand, studies of Macaws in the Peruvian Rainforest… and even purchase of radio transmitters to monitor spotted turtles! The fund has also helped staff at the zoo in education on how to raise funds for animal related projects. The name “Gilmour” is of a park employee that passed away a few years back sadly at only just a short 29 years of age.

So I’d like to ask your pledge of support in helping the animals and encouraging me along on my fitness journey at the same time.

please go here:

You can find a spot to make a donation. I set my goal to raise $100

If you can’t or choose not to, no pressure… no guilt. If you can, thanks… I think it’s a good cause and I think it’s a goal I personally need to move up along my fitness goals. I would have never thought a year ago I’d be in a bike-a-thon!!! I’d really appreciate the support, large or small as a bit of emotional boost for this. I’m pretty nervous… I’ve never done something like this. But, if I can do this… it might give me the momentum to do even more to get closer to a more healthy body.

Who knew there just might be a marathoner hiding at foolsfitness?! - Alan


  1. Did you lose a bug-eating bet like I did?

  2. me....You have it in you alan....
    It's just waiting to get out.
    what? you may ask/
    Your inner athlete.
    Looking forward to seeing athlete Alan.
    Here at a deliberate life we see the inner athlete in everyone.

  3. Yeah, I'd like to see you Inner Athlete eat a few bugs! It's all for a good cause, after all. ;-)


  4. yay. i like this :D i am walking the marathon for breast cancer soon!

    i need to get back out on my bike too!

    go you!

  5. Chuckle. I"ve eaten a few bugs. lol Although I've had more splatter on my knees than I've eaten. (I ride a motorcycle.) Those things can feel like little bullets!

    Good luck on the bikathon. I had a friend you did one, she spent hours stepping up and back down the bottom step of a flight of stairs to strengthen her "peddling" muscles. She was glad she found the gel pack for her bottom, too. chuckle. Deb


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