Thursday, March 4, 2010

My First Triathlon!

In the spirit of the recent winter Olympic games I’ve done my own triathlon! Well, to be specific I’ve only taken my bicycle out twice this week for about 3 miles or so each time. My swimming consisted of my manly dog paddling for an hour at the local gym. I’ve done some walking… technically my only run consisted in a fast trundle across the road a couple of times avoiding traffic. Oh, I guess there is the small detail that the whole thing didn’t happen at once but over a week…

BUT OTHER THAN THAT it was just like a triathlon! Sort of.

My eating is way WAY off. I seem to be gaining all the weight I’ve fought off back on. I’m starting to wonder if it has to do with all the soda, candy, and second or third helpings.

That being said, I’m nearing the one year anniversary of Foolsfitness that will “officially” be celebrated on April first of course being April Fools Day!!! I can’t help but look back and see over this year I have lost weight… but it’s gone far beyond that. I’ve made massive progress in decluttering my life. My house, while not finished, is more organized and clean. I’ve looked at the “fat” in a lot of my life and have done things like invested time more wisely… reading more and doing more art. I’ve even noticed that I’ve curbed some of the impulse buys. Bicycling, swimming, even trucking along for 5k’s at a reasonable pace beyond strolling.

So I’ve made several “commando” raids into a healthy life… several successful “scouting” missions, even including organizing a group to learn more about nutrition and raise money for a local charity. I’ve even eaten a few vegetables!

So as April Fools Day rolls up I need to deeply ask myself is this a game or am I going to stop “fooling around” with Foolsfitness and start building the Empire. Am I a thorn in the side of my “deer in the headlights self” or seriously pledge my allegiance to “Mr. Determination Alan” that visits from time to time? He’s proven he can do a lot. He’s taught me to restraint impulse a bit, not out of deprivation but out of wanting something greater.

Recently Sean Anderson talked about a 365 day challenge where you invest in yourself. He's right in it can't be a choice for a day or a week or a month... that's just the start. In fact it's beyond 365... or rather all of 365... No excuses... plain honest... the way it is and what you want and the gut check to pursue it. I have a lot of respect for his iron curtain or steel wall or diamond plate chain mail where he’s really made the final choice of trying to seriously make consistent good choices.

I know I like having clothes that fit better. I know I’d like to be able to go into a “normal” sized area of a store and get something that has some fashion to it. Not that I’m a diva (can guys even be divas?) but I do appreciate style. I know I see goals I’d like to do… but the question falls simply to are they worth the work at the shot. What’s the value of that pseudo safe cupcake?

If Fools Fitness is the village idiot, perhaps he can ultimately be the kind like Cyrano de Bergerac? I seem to have this incessant need to pick a fight with the universe in general anyway. Trying to look around it doesn’t appear I’ve got anything better to do anyway. Besides that I really think the world needs another superhero and may I humbly state I look good in a cape.

Tomorrow I make another supply run for V8 Juice and my trusty chimichungas.

At Foolsfitness we want you to celebrate April first proper… don’t forget to have a bit of Chinese Food or a chimichunga for Alan!


  1. Alan, you are so worth the effort to get healthy.
    365 days.
    When I started, I gave myself 18 months to just focus on exercising, eating right and learning a new way to be.
    Because It took me 18 months of nurturing my children in my womb. If I could devote that much time to eating right and exercising for them, I could devote that much time for me.

  2. That post by Sean struck me, too. I sort of started my blog out with that kind of thinking... what might be achieved if I truly gave it my all, consistently, for 1 year. You see, that used to be my biggest downfall... inconsistency.

    I would do wonderful for short bursts... then kaplooey. That is my biggest accomplishment so far, I think... learning to be consistent. Little achievements, done consistently, will yield so much more in the long run than hit and miss bursts of high-emotion-charged efforts, which poop out quickly.

    So, yeah, I'm betting on the turtle. :-)

  3. *high fives* ive been going out on my bicycle too! Don't know how far I've gone though. It hurts my fat bum.

    Yeah. second or third helpings might do that...

    oh man now I want Chinese food... damnit.

  4. All good stuff over the past year, alan! even if you're eating hasnt been right on (mine hasnt either dude, HELP!) you have been working out...getting out there amd moving. Thats awesome--and all the decluttering and stuff is great too.
    So, make that investment in yourself. Im gearing up to do that myself.

    Since you have mentioned them several times---Please provide information on brand name of these chimichungas!!! and Chinese "can" be healthy--this one place by me does brown rice, steamed shrimp with veggies and any sauce you'd like on the side. I know, not as drool-worthy as other choices, but...maybe it will cut the cravings!


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