Saturday, March 27, 2010

Go Ape with Over 100 Blogs + Resources to Check Out!!!

That’s right OVER 100 links to check out right here!!! Well, this will keep you reading for a bit…What makes the blogging community great is the sharing and support. I’ve got some great links to share…

**I want to thank Rachel M. and Loretta S. for being my first two sponsors in my upcoming 1st ever bicycle-a-thon I’m doing for the Jonathan Gilmour Fund at Zoo New England. (If you missed my last post) The fund helps projects from monitoring spotted turtles using radio transmitters to helping chimps in Nigeria. At last look I’m 20% to my goal and if you can I’d appreciate a bit of support large or small, Like I said this will be my first marathon and I’m going to be the biggest guy there and very nervous. Here is a link if you can help with a donation:

“Pictured above: ZNE Lead Zookeeper Erica Farrell gives a young chimp a bath at the Drill Rehabilitation and Breeding Center in Nigeria.”- I borrowed that picture of the fund project’s very first award winner on one of the zoo new England pages.

**If you live in the New Hampshire USA area check this out:

I found a great resource to find places to use my new bicycle and explore a bit. For those who live in other areas I just used a search engine typing in my state and bicycle paths to find it. I think the bike and walking paths will rock, because riding the edge of the road isn’t without some risks. I know I’ve had some close calls. Going for a walk is about the lowest impact thing for exercise you can do. You don’t need a lot of equipment. Getting out cuts some of the isolation and getting a little sun might be a good thing. I’m not saying what you eat isn’t important. Just try going for a walk if you can… you might be surprised how you feel.

**Now the link of links for this post. I want to make it clear I don’t “endorse” or am “paid” for any of these. Some of them I actually disagree with but as a whole it’s got some meat on the bones in my opinion. The break it down into:
-Those loosing weight
-Those who have lost their weight
-Moms loosing weight
-coming back from obesity

Then there are link sections for healthy nutrition, fitness and exercise… weight loss information and support. There is 100 (yup count em one hundred links to check out!!!) Again at Foolsfitness I’m not endorsing them, just sharing. Foolsfitness isn’t about the fad diets, 5 minute workout machines, and such that may be found in some of them… ok-ok- ok here’s the link

Start clicking… and don’t forget to breathe in your mouse aerobic workout!!!-

UPDATE: At Foolsfitness we officially went 18 miles and hour down hill on the “boba” bicycle and did 10 miles an hour on level ground!!! I was hoping to work on endurance this weekend but it’s hovering at freezing here.- Alan


  1. Hey, Alan! Those links are great! I looked thru the list and saw a few I want to check out. I did look at a couple, but don't have time do more than that now. I'll be back to check out a few more. Thanks so much--and happy riding! Deb

  2. Wow, that list is huge! I recognize a few of the names... I wonder why they didn't include Sean Anderson??

    I'll be checking out some of them later on.

  3. great job! Keep up the great work alan.

  4. Cool link; thanks!

    So did you get to jump into the pool at the gym? I hope you had fun with the challenge!!!


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