Saturday, February 27, 2010

Insert Rocky music

Stairs… I laugh at your puny verticalness! Your diminutive height is little threat to me… stair master extraordinaire.(Insert Rocky theme music and visions of him running up stairs here)

I ended up food shopping with my next door neighbor. She has asthma and some kind of broncitious thing going on that makes her cough, barking like a rabid chuahua. Being my most awesome (and humble) filled super self I said, “Don’t worry! I’ll help you” I really needed a cape to pull off the superhero moment properly, yet I went on anyway.

What am I rambling about? She doesn’t live on the first or second floor here. Moreover I had multiple trips of groceries to haul up the stairs. The cool part that I’m still tickled with a day later is this.

*I zipped up and down stairs of six flights, carrying stuff, and wasn’t winded!*

At the end I actually stopped and laughed as all that had happened was I was breathing a little more deeply. Not winded in the least! It actually felt refreshing. Sick huh?

I’ve been working on my fitness, also several other areas of my personal life and have made a lot of progress that I’m proud of. Fighting other battles at the same time I still feel a bit stretched though. Yesterday I tackled yet another task in regaining my house… I found the stove and microwave over the coating of grease that has covered them for the last two years. I have also found my stuffed Star wars Ewok… I think it was hiding under the bed frightened by the mess that my flat studio had become over the last two years. I’ve been doing some more art and also trying to catch up on looking around to see what people are doing in art right now in general. The next step there is to reintegrate into some groups of fellow cartoonists to get inspired and challenged.

It’s not all yippee here (not that there isn’t yippee, in no way could it be considered a “yippee free zone“) I *AM* still fighting with food. I seem to have the general rule that if it isn’t moving it should be considered as a possible thing to eat. I also keep forgetting Lent rule days. Forgive me Father for I like meat… and food in general.

Oh, I think the counter is currently 6 days away from the Chinese Food buffet.

And remember that at Foolsfitness we endorse stairs. - Alan at Fools Fitness


  1. After a couple of years, I started regaining my house back also. It's a great feeling!

  2. Free Acai Berry trial really worths, you should try it too

  3. Six flights of stairs, multiple trips, and you weren't too winded??! Wow, you are really starting to reap the benefits of exercising. That must be really encouraging.

    They say success breeds success. I tend to think that as you make progress in these other areas... exercise, de-cluttering, reconnecting with the art world... it will bleed over into the nutrition area as well..

    And you will be adding a Yippee to THAT area soon, too.

  4. woohoo alan...volunteer to go to her house three times a day and you'll be sprinting in no time.
    Great job on steering of the chinese buffet. It's hard to break habits...but it isn't impossible....I am getting to the point where I can take or leave coffee. Me. Chris. coffeeless....


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