Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NO Diet! The MORE IS BETTER Fools Fitness Plan

What if “more” really is seriously better!!! I know your thinking I’m trying to trick you, but the Foolsfitness philosophy is growing to become that “more” is actually better. I’m slowly discarding the loosing weight and diet idea…. And I honestly think you should too. Please consider reading on.
I just bought a DVD pack of 23 hours of Kung Fu for five dollars. Americans want more. Bigger houses, bigger cars, and more stuff. We collect so much stuff we need to make space to store the stuff. Companies actually make money storing other peoples stuff. I have a warehouse membership card to a superstore supermarket where I can buy 2 gallon containers of salsa. We thrive on more is better!!! We even have credit cards so we can live on tomorrow’s “more” right now today!
Here it is folks. The idea of loosing weight and a diet, I honestly think are wrong. In fact I don’t think they are really healthy concepts at all. It’s taken me a while to reach this and it does sound bizarre but hear me out here… I do actually in real life have two degrees. MORE IS BETTER. The straight of it is your actually having a whole lot less than you should be healthy having! How’s that for “Un”common sense?
We who are overweight are honestly having so much less than we should consume… THAT’S the problem. Diets are the problem. Loosing weight is the problem. Really! They are flawed concepts that go against our nature.
So here it is. What’s the first three letters in DIET? Yup. When you think diet you think about all the things you need to sacrifice and things you need to give up. What if we are already on a diet now and don’t even know it? What we are currently sacrificing is our physical health. We are giving up leading full lives. We are fasting from the total of what life has to offer! A diet is negative. I want a LIVIT I have no interest in loosing weight, again that’s the idea of negative. I’m trying to *GAIN* freedom to run up 3 flights of stairs, have normal and healthy days, with a normal and healthy job, and maybe… just maybe… even a normal and healthy relationship with someone somewhere where ever they are. Wouldn’t it be awesome if thirty years from now I’m sitting on some farmers porch in a rocking chair next to that woman. I don’t want to die-it I want to Live-it. It's not anything about less... I have the less now!!! I want more!
Most of us like a good deal… sales rock, because getting value rocks. We know it! Foolsfitness is hoping very soon to have his 10 percent off sales celebration. That 34 pounds is in sight. That isn’t a loss, it’s really a huge gain! When that sale hits it’s going to be wild… but Crazy AL’s discount days may slash off even more. It’s going to be a deal that someone special if I can find her and convince her… she hopefully won’t be able to pass it up. It just might be the deal of a lifetime!
Foolsfitness reminds you that “life” itself is the buffet table. It’s all you can eat… don’t just settle for the breadsticks and ice water at your table. Get up and check it out!!! Forget the “diet“ and get a “Live-it“ More is Better Foolsfitness plan!!! Have your own sale too because value rocks! - Alan


  1. I couldn't REPLY to your comment so I had to stop by here...So Im not real % savvy. lol I dont know all about making a meal with all of those percentages that you need. I love to cook, but it has to be easy and not take a long time. lol When I make something that I know my BF will not eat and will be all for me I use it as lunches for the week- so why not cook up a bunch of chicken- grill it up and have it in the fridge for the week? You can add it to salads, make a wrap with a low carb tortilla. I know that is not all that fancy, but just a thought. :)

  2. Hi Alan. Great message. And I'm sure you'll find someone to share your journey through life with as your world expands more and more ...

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  3. Love it!

    I've really been thinking about this sort of thing lately as well. It takes a switch in perspective to let go of the resentments that come with changing eating habits (giving things up IS hard!) and appreciating the things we gain (better health, increased mobility, increased longevity ... not even touching on all the superficial stuff!) upon doing so.

    Keep it up! =)

  4. I think looking at things that way is a good perspective on it. We do fixate on the deprivation instead of the positives...Im struggling bigtime myself right now--maybe I'll try your perspective tomorrow! had me giggling when I read "Wouldn’t it be awesome if thirty years from now I’m sitting on some farmers porch in a rocking chair next to that woman" because I pictured some farmer, and that woman being that farmers wife....and you're all like, hair flowing in the wind and "I cant believe its not fresh churned farm butter" and she's committing adultery----OK I'll stop!!! hehehe but man, at least I amuse myself!

  5. as always a good point well made, Alan.

  6. Good point, You are a funny man. At first you made me nervous, but relaxed when I actually read the whole post.. You need to write a book, you really do.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. Great post! I try very hard to not refer to myself as "being on a diet", I often have to correct people when they ask about my "diet". What "diet"? I'm at 105 pounds gone all through true lifestyle changes, no DIET, just my "get healthy"(and stay that way) journey.

  8. I have a dvd that says: life is an adventure, train for it.

    Concentrate on what you gain and you'll find one of the keys to success. :)

  9. Makes a lot of sense Alan. I am not dieting and it has been the most effective way of losing the 51 lbs. I have lost so far.

  10. P.S. I totally agree with Cheryl. You should write a book! There are companies that will take your blog and put it into one for you.
    There are a number of blogs turned book by women but I don't believe there has been one from a man. Please consider it :-)

  11. Thanks for the comment on my blog.

    When I eat healthy I eat MORE food and MORE times in one day than I do went I don't eat healthy.

    MORE could possibly be the right answer.

  12. Very good post! Live-it don't die-it- heck yeah!!!!! You have an awesome way of looking at things :)

  13. I gave up dieting in January 2009 and am slowly but surely losing weight...consistently and for the first time.

    Eat when you're hungry, stop when you're full, move your body. As easy, as hard, as profound as that.

  14. I give you the inspirational blogger award. You can copy from my blog. :)

    Keep going!


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