Monday, October 19, 2009

Jester’s Bag #1 Fellowship Prayer + Gnome Bodyguard

Don’t worry. The Gnome will watch it. But the Gnome and I have to start trusting each other! OK, Let me back up so you have a small clue to what I’m rambling about. But first, something new to the blog!!!
Does anyone really know what to expect when the court jester Fool reaches into his bag?
*NEW* Any blog post titled with a “Jester’s Bag” will be a bit more random, perhaps a bit less about the whole weight thing. I’ve decided to have an occasional posts that have a bit more random subjects that strike whim. Don’t worry, normal fools fitness posts (well are any of them really normal posts anyway?) will continue. Hey even the “Jester’s bag” may likely contain physical health and eating stuff (Or not eating stuff?) things.
BUT WHAT ABOUT THE GNOME? Ok, just one more thing first…
Random #1: I briefly mentioned in a blog post I’ve started a wellness group with friends at my church called “FoolsFitness Fellowship” and even tried to wrap it in some small prizes and set it up around a charity fundraiser. Here is the opening prayer that I think crafts some of the developing FoolsFitness Philosophy:
We the Foolsfitness Fellowship are creations
Of God. I am the steward of my body which is a
Sacred Gift. We are not about fad diets, magic
pills, 5 minute workout machines, or guilt. We
choose by free will to be mindful of our nutritional
needs, aware of our portions, and in the safe
movement of our body; together as a whole,
personally, and in support of others. I
have the power of the plate, in what and how
much to either put on it or remove from it.
There are not good or bad foods here. I trust in
God’s strength and the fellowship’s
Random #2... THE GNOME!
I am not the most tidy person. I blame the artist in me that struggles against the confines of order. I have long ago lost the back seat of my car to odd mail, take out containers, and random clothing. My house is even worse with piles of books on strange subjects, art bits, and about 12 half finished projects. This morning was a nightmare… Monday morning I couldn’t find my work pass key or my phone bill. But what drove me crazy for months is I lost my favorite Rosary… a birthday/confirmation gift from a dear guardian angel friend. I should get a picture… it’s a mix of two antiques. It has a large inlaid French crucifix and the ebony beads are from either a monks or nun’s habit. I’ve been crushed for loosing it and I found all three of those things.
BUT WHAT ABOUT THE x*&*^*&%*$^ GNOME!!!!
I have a 3 foot tall garden gnome that holds a planter pot in my home. However this isn’t used for plants. This gnome has got my back. His sole bodyguard duty is to hold my “critical” items. Keys, cell phone, Rosary, Work pass card. Had I trusted in him none of this would have happened.
Maybe I should make a fools fitness gnome? He could keep a daily food log and exercise record. He could keep a stack of inspirational books for reading and a personal journal to write and reflect on the journey. He might also hold a small photo scrapbook with pictures and goals.
Of course the Gnomes only work if you trust them! They do work hard too, but you need to keep an eye on them. Gnomes are easily offended, take time to warm up to you, and are only fiercely loyal if you are fiercely loyal to them as well.
Random #3: Ate well, moved a bit… then had Chinese food today, but didn’t eat to bursting. -5 pounds this week. 310.5 Very pleased to have the five pound drop but I need to buckle down and not yo-yo. This last month has not been consistent. I am the one choosing to eat more than I need to at times. But as the Foolsfitness Fellowship prayer goes I think I am becoming more aware and mindful.
Please remember that It’s all about the Gnomes at Foolsfitness. The Gnomes are our future. Teach them well and let them lead the way…- Alan


  1. Alan--that is amazing! I am so proud of you for starting that fellowship group. The reality is that we are supposed to be good stewards of our bodies as a part of creation and for those of us who are faithful--this is a part of our faith. Wow, now I feel convicted about getting busy. I am so glad you found your rosary!

    Thanks for the great comment. I haven't been the best at reading everyone's blogs lately since I have limited computer hours now. But I think of you often and lift you up when I do. BTW--I think you make a great boyfriend. You are kind, honest, and you like to talk--that's what women want! My husband is my best friend and I could never do without that friendship, as well as, the other married stuff.. Blessings--Bonnie

  2. I think that's great the you added into the FoolsFitness Philosophy "no guilt". I remember once when a speaker came to our church and told us that overweight Christians wouldn't be going UP to heaven, because we were "too fat to fly"!! Then sang a song titled "Too Fat To Fly"....Funny now, but not then.

    I am sure you will have an encouraging shows in your post and in your Philosophy, especially reminding us to trust in God's strength.

  3. Hi Alan. Well done on your 5lb loss. And great to find your Rosary again. It sounds beautiful.

    Best wishes,
    Bearfriend xx

  4. 5 lbs!! Way to go!
    That gnome thing is pretty damn funny...glad you found your stuff :D


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