Friday, October 30, 2009

Smurf Infestation on My Blog!

My Foolsfitness Gnome mascot came down with S1N1 (Smurf Flu) It makes him blue and he sings “LA la la la la la” over and over. I’m fumigating the Blog… clearing out Rabid Gerbil infestations and Rogue Zombies. I may need to guest post someplace while the blog airs out from the flea bomb.
I’ve got a bit of “housekeeping” to do. Thanks to Jo and ant girl I now have three more blog awards I need to post up. I want to say thanks but more than that, I want to keep the right to have them up… by continuing posts that earn their honor.
I’ve got to teach a class tonight and I’ve been busy with a funeral of a close friend. So forgive this unusual format and unpolished nature of this post.
The three awards for my blog have been given to me by Jo at and antgirl of Thank you! I’ve been working on a “Foolsfitness Uncommon Sense Award” that I will be sharing on a limited basis from time to time to honor blogs and folks who have a special unique quality. Somehow the industry has “common sense” that pushes 5 minute workout machines, fad diets, and weird supplements or magic pills. Foolsfitness says if this is common sense of the experts… it’s time for some *Uncommon* sense. It will be *Coming Soon*. Keep on the lookout for an upcoming “Foolsfitness Uncommon Sense Award”
Foolsfitness doesn’t follow directions well or color within the lines. Some Blog awards have lots of rules, and we figure if it’s an award it’s free and it shouldn’t come with more work right? But I like Gorgeous Blog Award that suggests sharing six things people may not know about you, so here they are:
1) I’m a Certified Lay Speaker for the United Methodist Church and a Roman Catholic too. Just imagine Foolsfitness preaching in some church somewhere on some Sunday. Freaky? Funny? Cool? Frightening? You decide!
2) I have two degrees. However, I have known people who *didn’t* graduate high school that have far more wisdom than some piece of paper can ever claim you have.
3) I’ve done some work as an artist… I’ve sold a design meant for a business card that was the size of a stamp and I’ve also done a mural that was 15 feet long. I’ve sculpted, painted, drawn, and have done computer art. I’ve even made Rosaries. How’s that for artistic range!
4) I use to have two gerbils (they passed away) that actually had American Gerbil Society pedigree papers showing their lineage and purebred status. (Seriously…no joke)
5) I love to read and study. If I take interest in some odd topic I tend to become a zealot wanting to know as much as possible about it. For example, this has led me to know some of the history of PEZ candy and how to carbonate soda.
6) My goals include to become a personal trainer and work in a gym. I hope as a real guy who fights weight I will be able to relate better to real folks than all those “fit all of their life” jocks. I’d also like to bring some “Uncommon” sense into the fitness world. I’d also like to own a yellow FJ Cruiser sometime in my life and a small cabin with a farmers porch complete with rocking chairs in a sleepy little town.
At Foolsfitness we would like to endorse the greatest weight loss and fitness product ever! You all ready have it… look in the mirror. If you are really in it for you, if you have decided you are going to be in your corner for real, for being more, for being all in the journey, for being more healthy in a safe way with out all the gimmicks… You will see incredible results that is better than any magic pill, fad diet, or 5 minute workout machine. - Alan


  1. You are one interesting person! And while I cracked up over #4...I have to ditto what Fitcetera said about that last paragraph.

  2. I agree with fitcetera ... the last paragraph is pure awesomeness.

  3. you deserve those awards mister! you're a great guy. those ladies are pretty awesome too.

    i love your posts alan. interesting facts! very interesting indeed :D i like knowing you a little better.

    and yes, that last paragraph is gold.
    love it.


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