Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beyond Bunnies

I’ve really enjoyed reading people’s blogs. I’m also concerned about some folks blogs too. It seems that people can get so wrapped up in what the eat and a number on a scale that they forget that fitness is beyond a number.

Whole Fitness of course is partly eating and eating well. There is also spiritual fitness, physical fitness, and mental fitness. As Easter approaches (or anytime when someone reads this) I encourage people who read this to go visit a church. Pick up a Holy Bible and start by reading the Gospel of Mark in the New Testament. Or reread it if it’s been a while.

I love Easter eggs, bunnies, and even the occasional marshmallow peep (which by the way is about as healthy to eat as 6,000 pez in a sitting, but they taste so cool!) Easter is beyond chocolate bunnies. It’s about God’s tremendous love for us, even to suffer for us and defeat even death for us. Please along with a healthy eating plan consider a some healthy spiritual nourishment.

Also work up a mental health fitness plan. Read a book. I have a personal rule to even try to read a book a year on something I wouldn’t normally read, be it mystery or on some subject. It forces me to consider new ideas and (hopefully) expand my mind.

It seems the buzz word is all about “holistic” these last few years. Foolsfitness encourages and endorses “whole” fitness!

In fact “whole” fitness is the “official” fitness of FoolsFitness. (you ever see those odd packages like some candy is the official candy of some sport? I find that amusing and just plain silly. Like some body builder really cares about some candy bar. I think they care about the kickback money, well “whole” fitness just might “en”rich you! )

I'm Alan, the whole in foolsfitness.

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