Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fuzzy Bunny Slippers

So I have these special magic shoes, that transport me to places just like Dorothy in the Wizard of OZ! All right, there is no special shoes. However my sneakers did hustle as I broke the 1:30 mark!!!

I’d like to thank all the little people. I guess the munchkins need their kudos, since I mentioned the Wizard of OZ. Oh, and the flying monkeys… yeah they serve Evil, but they are just following orders.

Back to my “magic shoes”. I had a goal to do 5 miles in under one hour and a half… and the final time fell to 89:02! Why, yes I do have a minute to spare sir... well, 58 seconds at least.

Then as I started my 5 minute cool down I looked at the machine… It only has a time that is in two digit numbers, so I wondered, what happens after minute 99:60? I looked at the quick start data and saw the start of a countdown. Then I knew that the treadmill machine would yield before my mightiness, and my magic shoes!!! I while struggling to keep going and turning the speed down maxed out the time, and the programmed 2 minutes cool down…

Then it just stopped. It quit before I did! I won one of my first major victories in the gym… I maxed out a machine, in time. But the civil war of fit verses fat still rages, it is only a battle among the many to come. Yet today, the victory is mine. Even amongst the food goodies at a Bible study tonight… I only had a half a whoopee pie, and stopped!

My uber prize pack to myself… a soccer ball, workout bands, and a new lock for my gym stuff. The battle is mine, the day is won.

Magic bunny slippers are just the foolsfitness way! -Alan


  1. Congrats. I just started the c25k plan. I think you are doing great. Keep it up.

  2. Way to go on the new time. I always felt like my shoes were magic too. Seems I put them on and just want to go. Keep on going Alan you are doing great.

  3. oh
    how much do I love your caricature avatar whateveryoucallit thing in the header!!


  4. Way to max out the machine!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a great comment. You're right, it's all about balance and making better choices. Good luck on your adventure, I look forward to following and seeing how it plays out.

  5. I hope you used those 58 extra seconds to do a full-fledged victory dance! That's awesome, seriously :)

  6. Haha that's awesome. I've never maxed out any machines at my gym before. Definitely have to give that a try some time!!! :> Congrats to you and your magic shoes~~!

  7. Thanks for visiting my blog. The bagels I eat are Carb Check and are only 2 WW points and have 19 g. of fiber and 13 g protein. You read that right. :) Cream cheese is fat free so only 1 pt.

    Like your blog! Very cool. I'll be coming back to visit.

  8. I have bunny slippers. Their ears have a habit of getting stuck inside if I don't pull them forward before slipping in my feet.

    WTG on the machine maxing. You'll show it who's boss. Oh yeah.

  9. Im jealous! I Want so badly to friggin jog/run! Ok, thats it, Im starting tomorrow. No, for real...

  10. You are awesome! Praying for some magic shoes of my own! My husband needs a pair too. I can't wait for him to see your blog. Thanks for sharing. God bless!

  11. Congrats on the victories! Way to go!

    And... speaking of "The Wizard of Oz"...

    I used to LOVE that movie when I was a kid. Now it totally freaks me out and I can't even watch it. lol

  12. Great job on having a minute to spare!

  13. Way to go! Stick it to the machine.

    And thanks for visiting my blog!


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