Thursday, April 16, 2009

5 miles and where’s my Buh-buh?

Journal of 5 miles in 1:35:16. The mental Journal of a guy who goes for his first five mile treadmill journey…

Mile 1: Who’s the man! I am a fitness God among men.

Mile 2: I’m going to need a good shower.

Mile 3.0: I’m kinda thirsty right now. At least I’m working off that pizza I ate last night.

Mile 3.5: Gee, these sneakers are kind of uncomfortable.

Mile 3.75: Water, that’s why those camels bring the bottle with them!

Mile 3:85: I’ll never mock the people with those bottles again… Note to self- I’ve got to buy a water bottle.

Mile 4: I can’t remember my name. What was my name?

Mile 4:12: How can I distract that woman on the treadmill next to me and just take one sip from her water bottle. Just one sip. Why is she looking at me like that? No! Don’t go. …Just… leave the bottle of water. Rats!!!

Mile 4.25: Hey, look at the kangaroos with little pixy wings. OOH they are singing Love shack, my favorite song!

Mile 4.5: Where am I? Who are all these people?

Mile 4.75: I can’t feel my legs. When was the last time I could feel my legs?

Mile 4.89: Must go on. Go toward the light.

How did I get home? How long have I been passed out? How’d I get this blister on my foot? Have I been abducted by aliens again? What did they do to my legs? Can just I crawl to the phone and call someone? It’s so far away.

Hallucinations are just the Foolsfitness way- Alan


  1. Funny lol hopefully you got some water. You know I do the same thing never take water with me. Way to go on 5 miles though that is really impressive. I hate the treadmill and couldn't imagine being on it a hour and 35 mins so you are a superhero in my book.

  2. I love your sense of humor. lol

    Congrats on the awesome workout!

    I've gotten blisters from walking, too. Thank God for band-aids. I also went to a shoe store and bought some athletic socks. They helped, so you might want to try a pair.

  3. I too always use the fork in the road to eat cake. Or spaghetti. I love me some pasta.

    Should've took her water!

  4. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Alan. I've really enjoyed reading through your posts here. You've got spirit, determination and a great sense of humor. Loved the angry chihuahua weight comparison. LOL!

    I wish you great success on your weight loss journey. I know you're going to make it! :-)


  5. That is great! I felt very similar last night - especially right after I got a wild hair and thought I'd try the whole jogging thing. A body this size really should not be trying that!


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