Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Amazing PEZ Diet plan

You too can eat PEZ candy and be healthy! The amazing PEZ Diet plan is so simple. Just load a full clip of PEZ in your favorite dispenser in the morning and feel free to eat that clip of PEZ throughout the day… The astonishing system shocks your digestive system forcing it to maintain high metabolism as tiny bursts of sugar are released into the digestive tract periodically throughout the day. (Silly isn’t it? I just made that whole thing up) and all by only ingesting 35 calories in one PEZ strip. “This, along with balanced meals containing all the food groups in reasonable moderation and proportions of neither severe starvation or excess and also being physically active within safe parameters will guarantee you will see results.”

Re-read that last sentence. I’m thinking this “plan” is likely far more likely to see results and far safer than many quick fixes that range from a magic machine, speed pills, or other various snake oil. The industry is great with physiological buzz words too. Shock the system, astonishing, all natural, target those trouble areas, become a fat burning machine, electrolyte hydration, supplement used only until now by prehistoric dinosaurs.

I do not work for PEZ or have their stock, but trust me anyway… just take a PEZ and try to eat decent food without excessively starving or stuffing yourself and try to do some safe physical activity. Or forget the PEZ, but trust me the PEZ containers and candy are fun. No one expects an adult to whip out a Mickey Mouse PEZ dispenser!!! You’ll laugh and burn more calories. Moreover Carrying a PEZ dispenser is like carrying a tiny dumbbell with you where ever you go. I’m Alan and it’s the foolsfitness way.


  1. I used to have an army of PEZ dispensers lining my cubicle walls, but they made me take them down. NOBODY UNDERSTANDS!

  2. are those all your PEZ?

    good story Tricia!


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