Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rich Creamy Butter and the Civil War

Have you gotten a forwarded e-mail claiming that margarine is “one molecule away from being plastic” and can sit at room temperature without spoiling and bugs won’t even touch it?
This is a war of disinformation. My margarine is made with vegetable oils, not fossil fuel oils that make plastic.

The big looser show stole some of fools fitness thunder when it was about to post that “they” are against you. But I’ll tell you it’s those green Martian aliens who make crop circles and steal our cows… who want us to believe that a fried fish sandwich is less calories than a burger, and that ground beef that is 20% fat means that 80% of it’s calories comes from protein. “they” (fools fitness loves conspiracy theories… and everyone knows “they” are always after “us” whomever “they” are) want you to chow down on the healthy nuts that “they” forget to tout their massive caloric densities.

Organic and “all natural“? Dirt is pretty all natural. I don’t want to eat dirt. Nor can I take eating something of the flavor and approximate texture of cardboard in the name of healthy.
I’m currently eating some sausages that are 330 calories each and 220 calories come from fat! Ouch, that’s 2/3rd fat folks. A little rich creamy butter is a good thing, it helps process some vitamins, but gee.

Weight check yesterday shows loss of about -1 ½ pounds (now about 338) attributed to some better choices in food and more exercise but now the Civil War going on within me of the fit verses the fat, now needs to ramp up to more specific food choices and portions…. After my greasy sausages and some Mac and Cheese…(honest. They are cooking right now)

A Body by Mac and Cheese is the foolsfitness way!- Alan


  1. Somewhere here (I think at the beginning) you lost me lol. But I think that is the foolsfitness way at times lol. Way to go on the 1.5 lbs.

  2. I thought I was the only person up at 3:30 in the morning lol.

  3. Congrats on the loss!

    Have you ever tried turkey sausage? That's pretty much the only kind I eat now. The flavor is fantastic!

  4. I love me some conspiracy theories!

    Um, I'm going to be your number one for comments, you know that right?

  5. Great loss, and ocnsipiracy theories! I'm with you, I think "they" are only out to get rich quick. And thats only a problem because I didn't think of it first :-)

  6. Thanks for stoppin by my blog. Ive enjoyed reading yours!! :) Congrats on the loss! :)

    I like all of your prize ideas that you left me on my comments. Thanks!

    A few posts down you mention putting an object to a weight loss amount ( the angry chihuahua HAHA!) my friend told me a few weeks ago that her daughter weighs 50 lbs...so I lost a small child. I was shocked at the comparison! lol

    :) Keep up the good work

  7. Sometimes I don't mind the tricky things THEY do, like magically putting fiber into my yogurt. But other times they get me good by selling me 2pt popsicles with like a day's worth of sugar in each one.

    I wonder which molecule it's missing? Sounds like a good science project.


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