Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Be A Star, A Superhero!

Did you ever notice that superheroes always have a weakness? Superman has kryptonite and Hulk has his uncontrollable rage. Being a superhero is tough. Do you know the feeling of spandex riding up on you? Those capes too, always furling in the wind. Always having to go fight some super villain and save the world. Out at all hours of the night. Not spending time with the family or missing out on the day job. It’s hard to balance a whole fitness life even for us superheroes.

I’m not sure if this is a really new concept but I came upon this image in my mind as I walked the other day. In reading some blogs I see people very focused on diet (and sometimes exercise) but some seem to be missing out on developing whole fitness. Being healthy goes beyond *just* the physical element
I think people are missing out on the whole fitness if they don’t have their finances under control (or at least trying to work on them). If people aren’t trying to keep themselves mentally stimulated with a good book or learning new things they are missing a point in the star. If they are missing big picture meaning of belief in God what’s the point at all (personally I believe in Christ, but refuse to be an overt Bible thumper in this entry). If they ignore their family being obsessed with other points in the star they are also missing out. If they take no time to relax (be it hobbies or such) stress is bound to take a long term toll. If people are dealing with depression or anger and shoving those emotions aside how are they to be living a full life?

The physical is obviously part of the equation, and effects some of the other points, yet those other points effects the star too.

Foolsfitness is the part-time superhero that puts the hole in whole fitness! -Alan


  1. So true. For true happiness, peace, contentment, and fitness... we need to be balanced in all areas of our lives. Great post!

  2. I totally agree it really is about mental healthy and living a good life not just the scale.

  3. The Hulks weakness was his rage? Didn't know that!


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