Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Big Looser Show

I’ve never been a big fan of reality tv, but my girlfriend had the reality weight loss show thing on while we played cards. I understand that these folks chose to do this but I have several struggles with the idea in general.

1) Serious health issues shouldn’t be paraded around in some spectator sport. Maybe they see it as it will motivate others or enlighten the general population of the overweight struggles? It just isn’t a game though. It’s people’s health and lives.

2) there is some serious weight drop going on in people. Is that safe at that intensity? What about risks of gallstones? If it’s all about poundage are they ignoring improvements in muscle or drops by dehydration?

3) maybe it’s just the play on words but if you’re a big loser aren’t you a winner by their rules? If you get kicked off are you a loser or more of a looser or just a looser but not the biggest loser who is actually a winner? let loose!

Speaking of being a looser, my weekly check of the almighty and powerful scale says no gain, yet maybe a half pound loss., but recheck of the scale I’ll just call it the same at 343ish. I do not want to be a loser. I think I’d like to be loose from some of my fat.

The whole health mindset seems off to me. Diets and loosing weight, it seems about taking something away or deprivation. If I had my way I’d try a new mindset paradigm where people are gaining better health and fitness.

Staying with the theme here in the last week I’ve lost some of my less healthy eating choices… or chose more nutritious and less caloric dense foods. (read granola bars over candy bars) but now I need to work on the idea that a portion size is not a box. I just hope I’m never the biggest loser. If all I want to do is drop weight in a flash I’ll chop off an arm. I want to be a big gainer. I want to gain more fitness, gain more health, and gain more peace.

Gaining, It’s the fools fitness way! -Alan

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