Wednesday, April 8, 2009

60 minutes walking 2.7 miles

I think I learned an extremely valuable lesson today that transfers from spiritual fitness to physical fitness. I went to confession today in preparation for being confirmed into the Roman Catholic Church and took away something. “It is done.” and “it is in the past” to take all that spiritual sin and set it aside and with God’s grace in his Son's sacrifice, to be forgiven and move on. Actually forgive yourself too as God forgives you.

Now on to the spiritual side of physical fitness. I pigged out on Chinese food before confession. In the past I’ve done lots of unhealthy choices, be it not exercising or eating junk food, but they are “done“. They are in the “past“. Is eating junk and being a sloth good, of course not. But it’s done and it can be in the past. Do I forgive myself and move on to more, or just more of the same? What am I going to do now? Where do I want to go? Where do I want to be? What do I wanna be?

At the gym I stared that treadmill down and said, “bring it on! What have you got?” I thrashed that machine for one full hour and logged up 2.7 miles. To an athlete it might not be a lot but where I am now that’s a very good start line. Sure my heart rate at one point was gross (pun intended but honestly 144) which is pushing up a bit in the target heart rate and that machine rang some sweat out of me!

Then I had a vision… or a delirious hallucination from the insane workout? I saw him. The future me, toned and muscled jogging along in front of me. He smiled almost telepathically telling me, “Come on. I’ll meet you up ahead” and he disappeared.

I smiled the rest of that time on the treadmill. “It is done” with each step I moved, one step closer to where I “wanna be.” The treadmill lost tonight because I wanted to be.

Being a “wanna be” is the foolsfitness way

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