Friday, May 1, 2009

Go Ahead… Pull the Trigger!

I talked to someone who told me about how their “trigger food” was chips. He said to me with a frightened look on his face as I offered him a chip, ”I can’t eat that chip! Chips are a trigger food for me.” He went on to explain how he would eat a whole bag of chips.

Guess what? Chips are not your enemy. Neither is ice cream, soda, Chinese food, or pizza. If you do not eat, you will eventually starve and you will die. I do not know this from personal experience but I do have a strong theory.

So go ahead and pull the trigger! The point is, if we are using a gun metaphor that you don’t use the Rambo 50 caliber fully automatic machine gun with the two hundred round endless feed belt clip. Pull the trigger with a flintlock single shot hunting rifle.

This isn’t saying if you have an insulin reading of 4 digits and go for the 2 liter bottle of coke you won’t be playing Russian roulette. I’m thinking that people might want a bit of sugar, some calories, and some fat is actually needed to process vitamins! There is caloric and fat dense food per volume out there, but it is just like snow… in volume it can be dangerous, but a little in the right places is really quite beautiful. One snowflake will not kill you, a northeaster blizzard on the other hand needs to be respected!

Having a 20 ounce cola at 250 calories isn’t going to hurt people who aren’t diabetic. However if you have that single soda each day *OVER* your caloric needs for one year that works out to be over 26 pounds of caloric weight… (91,250 calories /3500 per pound=26.0714)
Don’t starve yourself. Don’t stuff yourself! It’s just one small choice after another. Just a little tiny bit less food and a little tiny bit more activity can go far in the long journey.

Drinking soda is the foolsfitness way!- Alan


  1. I never was any good with all that "moderation" business.

  2. If I feel I'm being deprived of something, I end up wanting it more! Very good post!

  3. Certain foods really are trigger foods for me and I sometimes end of eating way to many calories of them so I usually do have certain things I try to stay away from. But I do try to still eat some of the foods I like on occasion. I think it all depends on the situation and how I'm feeling. Good post though.

  4. GREAT post. You make a lot of frickin' sense mister. ALOT.


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