Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vote for Pedro!

“The sovereign invigorator of the body is exercise, and of all the exercises walking is the best.”- Thomas Jefferson

After the 26.2 mile Marathon (jog-a-thon or walk-a-thon) The “Biggest Loser” show asked “America” to vote for either Ron or Mike to decide who will continue on to the finals. I thought for a moment for voting for the kid, he has his life ahead of him…

Then I thought of the movie “Napoleon Dynamite”. If you haven’t seen the movie that has been out for a while maybe I should warn you that it’s… well… odd. I watched nearly half of it just scratching my head, as this sort of outcast lives a life that is just plain bizarre, yet he does everything within his best to attempt to live a normal life. Napoleon’s friend Pedro decides to run for class president and his advice is something like ,”Just tell them to vote for you and all of their wildest dreams will come true.”

So never mind the kid or his dad on “Biggest Loser“, vote for Pedro! Actually, strike that too. I think I’m going to vote for myself. Maybe you should vote for yourself too. So many people want to tell us what we “should” do or “not” do. They want to live our lives. I get the ability to make my own choices. I vote for me. I don’t need Weight Watchers to keep points on me, it’s my game… I make the rules, and I keep my own score. I don’t need someone to tell me what I should weigh or should look like. They do not have permission over me. Only God does.

Today I broke wind and am real proud of it! On the treadmill I added in a couple of wind sprints (little short burst mini jogs) and cleared 3.51 miles in 60 minutes. Over the last couple of days I’ve also launched up a flight of stairs (other than the normal dragging of my gelatinousness carcass) and even jogged across a crosswalk (Ok, it was more of a rapid trundle) This week I lost a pound (333.5) I chose to be more healthy and fit, I voted for me.

I’m even going to take it one more step, *no* one can vote for me. I don’t need their permission to live my life for me, or do they have the power to tell me the things I want to do. I won’t allow it. Their judgments and games are meaningless. I’m in the halls of the school of life without a hall pass. I write my own pass if I choose to want one. I vote for me. I win.

Voting for yourself is the fools fitnessway!-Alan


  1. Tricia 2012!

    Napoleon Dynamite is one of the best movies ever made. It changed my life!

    Also, for the record, I LOVE the word trundle.

  2. Great attitude! I vote for ME! ;-)

  3. I'm voting for me. :D

    I just didn't get Napoleon Dynamite. Not feeling it. Though my pedometer was called Pedro, I'd vote for him.

    lol @gelatinousness carcass!

  4. Great attitude!

    I love your style!

  5. Congrats on voting for YOU!

    And... there's something for you at my blog. Pop on over when you get a chance! :)


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