Sunday, May 3, 2009

Girl Scout Badges

My girlfriend works with a brownie troop and got a sash for one of the new girls. If you know anything about scouts they earn badges (or patches) for learning or doing certain things. I tried to convince her that the girls should make costumes, get toy phasers, and go as Starfleet cadets to the new Star Trek movie coming out and earn something like a “geek/nerd badge” and she explained my ideas like this are the reason I am not in charge of things.

I have sort of an invisible sash and am earning my health and fitness badges. Today I earned the coveted “Get Kicked Out of the Gym” badge. I actually stayed there working out until they closed. You got to admit that’s showing dedication. Some people post weight loss buttons (or badges) on their blogs… What badges do you want to earn?

Thus far I have: 3.14 (pi) on the treadmill in an hour badge, 5 miles on the treadmill in an hour and a half badge, blogging my fitness progress badge, and maxing out a machine’s time badge.

I want: mountain bike riding badge, 10+25+50+100+125lbs lost badges, and “45 pound plates” on the bench press bar badge to name some…

But the main ones I want, actually there are just two that sum it all up… The Pinnacle Badges I want and my goals: “199lbs” Badge + “Personal Trainer” Badge!

Many people set goals and I have mixed feelings about setting time frames, but I think for motivation purposes I’m going to, it somehow holds me more accountable and having clear vision:

*At least 1 pound a week. Of course that would work out to like the end of the world (January 2012?) But the higher goal of 65.5 pounds in one year…about one and one third pounds a week, “half way by may day” (I love picking odd days like April fools day and the code for distress) weigh 199lbs on May day of 2010!

* April 1st of next year start looking into working on studies for personal training.

These are my demands, war has been declared!!! I want my patches!

Wanting official badges and decoder rings is the foolsfitness way!- Alan


  1. As I always say, he should NOT be left in charge of anything! He needs to learn to use spell check too! At least the Brownies earn badges for real life items and practicalities!

  2. Wow, if there had been a geek badge I might have stuck with it for longer than one cookie season...
    Good luck with the badges!! And I soooooo want a decoder ring :)

  3. Since I've already earned the "clean out the buffet" badge and "shoot a button off your pants" badge, I think I'd like to try the "goal weight badge" and the "run a mile without walking" badge and "hike Grand Canyon" badge.
    Is there a badge for eating a box of "Girl Scout cookies?"

  4. I like this idea! I would love to have badges to show everyone I meet how hard I have been working on this. You know like a "Look at me! I am losing weight! I'm not as lazy as I look!" Maybe that is the little kid in me.

  5. I thought the startrek suggestion was great ;) I would aspire to a geek/nerd badge.

    I love the idea of a weightloss sash. I kinda get badges for every 7lbs I lose anyways....

  6. Hey :o)
    I just found your blog and i totaly relate to you and your humour!!
    I think it's a great idea that the kids make costumes and go see star wars. I'd go just to see that! lol

    Good idea about your imaginary badges. Why don't you make them? Either for "reality" or your blog?
    I do digital scrapbooking and i use the scrapbook program for all sorts of arty farty stuff. I'm going to now steal your badges idea for my own blog, thanks lol

  7. I think it's a great idea setting goals. I hit all my goals till the dreaded plateau that I am currently working my butt off to break through.

    Hey with the dedication you are already showing like staying till close at the gym, you are sure to make your ultimate goal in a reasonable amount of time.

    I'd like to have my "broke into onederland" badge by summer....

  8. I'm going for the hitting new territory again, since gaining it all back badge!

    My hubby is so excited about Star Trek! He gets to see a sneak preview on Friday morning and won't hush up about it! Geesh!! LOL

    Nice blog, love the humor =)

  9. Hi!
    I found your blog, and I just wanted to say I like your writing! I share your pain on the weight loss thing. : )

    I'm going to add your blog to my blog roll (at I wish you the best!

  10. Just happened across your blog and wanted to say - THAT is dedication and as a Scout Leader for my Kiddo's Beaver group, I would give you a badge if they had one for closing down the gym! I love your sense of haha - and if you are into cars, I will post a pic of Hubby's 1970 Roadrunner when we finally bring it out of winter storage. I'll let you know when I post ;)


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