Friday, May 1, 2009

The Magic Pill "recalled" (again!)

Apparently hydroxycut is being recalled. Remember the Phen fen thing?

The first weight loss the pills will induce is removing the weight of your credit card or loss of bills from your pocket. Some of these diet drugs or all natural supplements (Dirt is all natural too, I don’t want to eat dirt either) Apparently are going to get you to loose weight by getting sick or needing surgery? Death *will* stabilize your weight.

Look, doesn’t it make sense if there was a magic simple easy solution wouldn’t everyone be either a model or body builder? I’m thinking it’s going to take some effort. It’s going to take some work. I might sweat. Why doesn’t anyone tell the truth? Is it that hard to hear???

O.K. you want a simple and easy no effort plan? My magic pill diet plan…

**You too can eat PEZ candy and be healthy! The amazing PEZ Diet plan is so simple. Just load a full clip of PEZ in your favorite dispenser in the morning and feel free to eat that clip of PEZ throughout the day… The astonishing system shocks your digestive system forcing it to maintain high metabolism as tiny bursts of sugar are released into the digestive tract periodically throughout the day. (Silly isn’t it? I just made that whole thing up) and all by only ingesting 35 calories in one PEZ strip. “This, along with balanced meals containing all the food groups in reasonable moderation and proportions of neither severe starvation or excess and also being physically active within safe parameters will guarantee you will see results.”**

PEZ is the diet pill at foolsfitness!- Alan


  1. LMAO. Youre hysterical!

    My boyfriends best friend had been getting in shape for his deployment to Iraq and he dropped a lot of weight and, weird, and I thought it was from eating healthy and exercising and here, he was taking hydroxycut! So it does work, but he looked...not normal and I would for sure never take it, fat or not!

  2. Haha!!!I think I've tried that PEZ diet ;)And the Snickers diet, and the Reeses diet and so on, and so on....

    I searched for the magic pill for a looooong time. I finally realized that it's pretty simple to lose weight. Calories in vs. calories out. Duh. What took me so long??!!

  3. I never took diet pills, but I know what the magic pill is: Eating right, eating sensible portions and exercising, with a big glass of positive attitude. A side dish of working on the psychological issues doesn't hurt, either.

    I had a friend who took Phen Fen. She lost a lot of weight fast and looked horrid. I haven't seen her in years, I wonder how her heart is.

  4. Dear Mr Fitness,
    I is fixin to start yur die-it plan and I wuz wunderin if I has to xrsize two.

    Thos commercials for hydroxycut used to drive me crazy. I'm sorry for the desperate people who tried the product.

  5. So, weight loss doesn't come in a pill? Noooo!

    Quick, somebody give me some acai berries, stat!

  6. lol. Funny post, mister. Actually I just won some Hello Kitty Pez....

    lol @ all your comments.

  7. I took diet pills about ten years ago, lost 20 pounds - they were later taken off the market -- I gained the weight back, plus some, and they really made me jittery and more nervous (which, frankly, I didn't need)...

    I think I'll try the PEZ diet plan...I think I have a Mickey Mouse PEZ dispenser somewhere...

    - Katalia


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