Saturday, May 30, 2009

4 year old college professor

I love to read, and one of my favorite books is “The Pokey little Puppy”. Did you ever notice a little kid can ask you to read to the *same* book at bedtime dozens of times? Or if you do something funny they may exclaim, “again!” and you can do it over and over until your ready to collapse, and they cheerfully say one more time, “Again!”
I never understand how people get “bored”. God obviously doesn’t. He created a blade of grass, then thought it rocked so much that he made almost as many as dollars in debt the U.S.A. is racking up! The Sun came up yesterday and yet God gleefully says, “again!” today.
I think there is much to be learned from 4 year olds, (and God too of course!) who perceiver and don’t get bored. What happens when people age? Forget sitting reading a book, they may not focus through a 30 second tv commercial. They somehow forgot, “Again!”
If God and four year olds have that kind of patience and focus, well maybe I can forgive myself for “falling off the weight loss wagon” so to speak and say, “again!” and even “again” after that! God is still making blades of grass, and a four year old still repeatedly hugs the stuffing out of his favorite ratty old teddy bear that only has one eye left on it.
If you have a hard day, week, month… well maybe it’s time to learn from a four year old and laugh, “AGAIN!”
Remember that 4 year olds are professors at the foolsfitness university.- Alan


  1. Very true! My mother always says "forget the past and just the next right thing." Sometimes we have to do that daily. You'll get back to it. We are all rooting for you!

  2. This was an interesting observation and oh, so true!

  3. I remember the Pokey Little Puppy!

    Even as an chronologically-aged adult (yet a kid at heart), I have my favorite novels I've read hundreds of times, CD's to which I've listened, DVD's I've watched...

    I believe everyone (and yes, four year olds count!) can teach you something - maybe it's patience, compassion, love, et cetera.

    Love your blog!
    ~ Katalia

  4. That's how I keep going. I tell myself *again*.

  5. You will only lose if you quit! Do-overs are a fact of life.

  6. Hey, Alan! Where ya been, buddy? We miss you and hope to hear from you soon! :)

  7. I second that message from Chubby Chick. We do miss you and pray that you are well. Come back!

  8. You should come back. Your fans miss you.


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