Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Gnome Personal Trainer

(If you click on the picture it should show a new window and get larger for better view)

Life is more than just a focus (obsession) with the arch enemy nemesis known as “the Scale”. I sometimes work as an artist, and decided just for fun sake to do a sketch. My art ranges from doing menus, book marks, and my signature work lately seems to be window murals in my local area here in New Hampshire. Notice how I said I sometimes work as an artist? That’s why you see those “starving artist mover” vans. Getting rich quick in art is a challenge for most… but I digress.
Slowly step away from the scale with your hands up! Now take two fingers of your left hand reach and drop your elastic work out band and pedometer to the ground and kick them away from you! Now take two steps to your left, hands on your head. I warn you, I have a Twinkie and I know how to use it. Yes, and it’s loaded with creamy filling.

Seriously, taking a mental time out is important too. Your investing so much effort in a physically healthier you. What about an emotionally, spiritually, mentally, healthier you as well. Foolsfitness invites you to go get a coloring book and color (you don’t even need to stay in the lines!), take a little while to enjoy your favorite hobby, spend some time with your family, fly a Nemo or Winnie the Pooh kite, and live all your life… perhaps not without the scale, but beyond the scale too.

Did I mention I love drawing and art? I love gnomes and pink flamingo lawn ornaments too. I think the president needs to make some law that every house should either display a flamingo or gnome on it’s property. Yup, if I owned my own home I’d be one of those nightmare neighbors who clutters their yard with 45 wind chimes, 12 whirly gigs, 3 flags, two 10 foot tall metal sculptures of dinosaurs fighting, and a statue of Jesus and Mary.

Loving lawn ornaments is the foolsfitness way!- Alan


  1. Hmm...I want a pink, no, a gnome! I never did see dinosaur lawn ornaments...

    Gosh. I have to embrace my inner child more often -- flying kites sounds like fun. Maybe in a couple of weeks I'll do that...

    P.S. I loved your picture.

  2. Good post! For the record I have 5 wind chimes, 1 flag, 1 metal colored glass ball, 1 gnome, 1 concrete cat, 1 concrete angel and 2 concrete kid hand prints and a ton of flowers. Hopefully my neighbors don't hate me yet lol. Where ya been at mister?

  3. I agree about not making every minute about being healthier.

    My philosophy is, it's part of my life not my whole life.

    Lawn ornaments are fun. I'm all for man-eating reptiles.

  4. Taking a break from the madness is a good thing. I like to knit (that probably makes me sound twice my age), read, and of course write/read blogs.

    Thanks for the reminder to relax.

  5. Haha, I would LOVE to see the fighting dinosaurs. I would move across the street from you just to wake up to that each morning.

    I relax by eating cakes. Prolly time for a new hobby.

  6. I live in a tiny apartment but my balcony is PIMP! chimes, plants, signs, indoor furniture, the whole nine yards. I just know I'm loved by all my snooty neighbors :D

  7. How about the dinosaurs fight jesus and mary??

  8. Gotta say I am so glad you aren't my neighbor! ;-) But I totally agree on the enjoying life part.


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