Friday, May 1, 2015

17Lbs down Weigh In, Fitness Fail, N Boot Camp

New month new weight! Last month down another 7 pounds so in the last two months total 17 pounds down and now down to 344, about the weight at the start of the blog six years ago. These last few days for what ever reason (stress maybe?) I've been just wanting to eat everything I see. I've had some sucess at restraint but have slipped with two trips to the chinese food buffet, a couple pints of ice cream, and an extra what ever that gets too close to my mouth. That number should have been 20 pounds down but it's going in the right direction.

The fitness fail... my body apparently is about 41 percent fat! At the gym I felt a bit like I was abducted by aliens when a trainer had me lay on a table and he connected some wires to the back of my hand and foot then ran some electric resistance meter on me to get the numbers. The good news is somehow I have over 200lbs of lean body mass. He thinks I can maintain my body at around 2800 calories a day... meaning I can (and usually do apparently eat ALOT) eat like 2800 calories and not gain or loose weight in a day. I think they called it a BMR (Bacon, Mac, and Relax?)

A group of people from work have decided to get together at lunch time once a week and do a boot camp style aerobic workout at the local park. Well, being Foolsfitness has it's perks and I got an invite to join the fun! I can say I kept moving for the most part. Maybe in a couple of years I will show them some one arm push ups but now I just tried to keep the Darth Vader weezing down enough so the people next to me could hear most of what the instructor was saying. I may have passed out at one point and I still can't really feel my limbs. But in the end remember that this isn't a competition for me. The goal is just to move and enjoy doing it.

At Foolsfitness we are rebels, we do bootcamp in sneakers!- Alan


  1. First, congratulations on the loss. Any loss is a good loss. :D Your slips? Haha. I lol when right after you said you had a slips, your list of slips began with a couple trips to the Chinese buffet. I would describe that more as a dive over the edge. But you still lost weight so, good job!

    Boot camp. Nods and chuckles. My 38 year old son, who is 6'2" and 190 pounds and very fit got the boot camp DVDs. He said he sounded like Darth Vader and barely able to move by the the time he ended of the warm up. He was quite shocked. As far as I know, he never did make it past the warm up. When I asked him to let me borrow it, he doubled over laughing. Really. He did. :}

    Keep at it, Alan. It sounds like you already got past the warm up and you lost Weight. Woohoo!


  2. What a great start, Alan. And how encouraging it will be for the next time, when you get hooked up again at the gym and re-test your BMR numbers and see the progress.


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