Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Diets are Rotten at the Core.

Yesterday a huge old tree next to the library split into two. Looking at the old tree it had a bunch of green leaves and looked pretty good but as you can see looking inside and appearance of health and actual health were two far different things.
When I'm trying to pay a bit more attention to what I am eating I've noticed how a lot of the foods in the store are just like that tree. Companies want to sell you their food and are quick to throw around labels like healthy, lite, and all natural. A bag of popcorn I got the other day was using the words heavenly and lite on the front but when I looked at the fat calories next to the total calories over 40 percent of the calories were from fat. I laughed when I also saw a bag of pork rinds that seemed to be proudly labeled no carbs like pork rinds are a new health food!? Dirt might be gluten free and have no msg but I hope that doesnt become the next rage. Can you imagine someone touting the amzing qualities of dirt and the eating dirt diet?

This is the season where you can't avoid ads for getting your very own beach body in 21 days or is it in 17 days? Actually you can seem to top that with even some book on 4 hour fitness!

People want that quick fix and or the easy fix. I'm guessing if you starve yourself and/or workout like a maniac you WILL likely drop weight, maybe even a lot in a short burst. Is it water weight? What if your burning muscle too? Are you risking injury and sickness? What happens when you go "OFF" the diet? In all the claims for the new fix have you noticed how hard it is to find real numbers of people who lost a lot of weight and a year or two later are still at that lower weight? Is it really going to stay off? I have seen people who have even gone to the point of those stomach procedures and after dropping a lot of weight start putting it back on again. Is that number on the scale your only judge? What happens after your 21 day fix or 17 days or 90 days? Is it really fixed at all?

I do not want to live the rest of my life never eating a cracker again or forced to live on like two crackers a day. Its just not reasonable to do that or be expected to participate in the superhero workout twice a day 7 days a week climbing molten lava flows for 45 minute sessions. Like the tree an apperance of health and actual health I think are in reality two different things.

I like it when I see my scale go down, but I like it when my clothes fit better, and I like it when I'm riding my bicycle and I decide to go up a gear to go faster. Common sense isn't fast or flashy and it's not about selling you stuff you don't need and in the end wastes your time or even hurts you.

Since about march 1st I'm down around 22 pounds. No flash here or no biggest loser numbers. Moreover, No magic gismos, no pills, no surgery, no super foods. If you want the quick and easy good luck to you but in the end my large (but shrinking) gut says in the end it will waste your time in the end or even might hurt you.

What is the Foolsfitness way? slowly carving the new path of trying to eat a little better and getting a bit of moving activity in. Feel free to send me 19.95 plus shipping for that if it makes you feel better.

The Core of Foolsfitness I hope is not like that tree. - Alan

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  1. Good analogy about the tree looking good on the outside, but rotten inside. Also good is your slow and steady progress! Congrats on that... a new path. I like that description. :-)


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