Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Plan! World Domination! WAIT!

Honorable jedi master says, "Start at the beginning" What is a reasonable goal if you are in fact a person who weighs 350 lbs and consider making it up the stairs to your home a workout?! Maybe start with just move a little more (or at all?) or/and choose a beer maybe not two?

"I love it when a plan comes together!" Hannibal Smith from the A-team would say on one of my favorite shows as a kid when the group of guys would take on the latest trouble of the week in the mist of what seemed like chaos insued the plan would fall into place with ole George Peppard smiling and lighting up a victory cigar.
If there is no goal, no plan, it's hard to get results... even more how do you judge results? BUT WHAT IS A REASONABLE GOAL?! Have you ever looked at a diet/ weight loss/ fitness section of a bookstore or a library?! Or perhaps worse if you can't sleep you have found one of the hundred infomercials late at night that promises you will loose weight quick and easy and just see how perfect your life can be for a few easy payments!!! I can't help but wonder if the way you will loose weight fast is emptying your pockets.

Moreover if your seriously overweight and/or have health issues/ or have no serious level of any current fitness starting to jump around in some p-nuts insane hard core pump you up extreme nitro disco dancing workout blue rays seems at minimum totally unrealistic if not outright dangerous as you either injure yourself trying something your body just cant do or just flat out have a heart attack. I wonder if they just add those warnings of consult a doctor before starting an exercise program as a serious concern or just to make sure their own trim tails are covered from all the poor people not dropping pounds but just dropping.

If you do try to go the information route how soon will it be before your lost among: if eggs are good or bad for you? Your going to need some major file cabinet to keep track of No msg, no Gluten, No this and high that... isn't this super berry the magic fix? wait wasn't high fiber the answer... sodium is of the devil right? No carbs, high protein eat like a caveman.

Then I start getting into the gym again after a very long time away. I've never considered myself an athlete even way back in my college days but I'm looking at all the new crazes that will "fix" everything since I've been away. Now there is combat fitness where you play with truck tires, kettlebells, and some kind of jungle gym rope thing hanging from the ceiling at the gym. You can get lost there almost as quick! Apparently there is also some magical window someplace that if you go and eat right after a workout where unicorns bless you with abs and...

So where does Foolsfitness stand on the issue? Consult my warnings in the top of the blog! I guess beyond some type of medical consultation which I do agree with I'm working out some more details.

*I don't believe in fads be them the latest craze in some super food or diet or gizmo.

*I don't want to "workout" I want to have fun. I'm not a gerbil on a wheel, I swim because I like to swim and bicycle OUTSIDE not in, because I enjoy looking around rolling down a hill and zooming around corners. Maybe the p-jump up workouts are fun for some people, good for them. Maybe someday I will play combat with the truck tire... it might be fun? later when I don't think about the complexity of getting up two flights of stairs.

*I am believing in NOT getting lost and overwhelmed in disinformation and general information overload. Thus the goal is just trying to be more mindful of eating and a bit more focused on doing a bit of movement. At some point perhaps I would/will freak out at the salt shaker next to me... But I can honestly say I am moving more than say two months ago, and am eating less junk and less volume generally that a few months ago too. No super rocket science. Old school common sense... trying to learn it I am.

At foolsfitness talk backwards we do- Alan


  1. This entire post had me busting up laughing from start to finish. Classic. And yes, you are 100% right, being realistic is the most important part. Don't jump on the stupid fad do this now infomercial trap designed ultimately to slim your wallet. Common sense my friend. Eat less, move more. That is the only surefire true way to sustain anything.

    Small baby steps to improvement that are simply better than you were before. Eventually maybe flipping a tire would be fun for you, but maybe it won't. It doesn't really matter, so long as you are bettering yourself in the process.

    I sure hope no one ever expects an out of shape overweight person to go balls walls to an insane exercise program (excluding the Biggest Loser that is, those people are nuts!) I think you totally have the right attitude.

    But thank you so much for the delightful laugh today.

  2. I'm glad your back Alan. You are authentic. I agree. works.


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