Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April 1st Foolsfitness Returns!

It's the six year anniversary of Foolsfitness! Thats right six years ago on April 1st Foolsfitness came into being!

So most of last night my heart raced thinking about jumping on the scale at the hospital. This morning I find my self asking "Do these socks feel heavy" and trying to decide if I should avoid using roll on deoderant... after all that adds at least maybe 1/4 of a ounce right?

THE GOOD THE BAD AND THE UGLY NUMBERS: a solid 10 pound drop last month and a good 32 pounds dropped in the last year. 352 pounds this morning. a mere 7 pounds up from my starting weight six years ago. In this six year journey I've gone as high as 393 and as low as 283! It's not all good but it's not all bad either. I am sitting at the hospital cafe, after digital weigh in with my glass of water with lemon slices and scrambled eggs with ham and cheese from their cafe. I may have mentioned at one point my worst meal was cheese curls oreo cookies and a beer!

I've been quietly working on things behind the scenes this year to drop about 30 lbs. But now Foolsfitness refocuses. I bought a bright pink tiny laptop (hopefully for blogging at least once a week) and just rejoined the gym yesterday for a "trial" 2 weeks. My poor boba bicycle got hit by a car when it was locked on a telephone pole last year. I've yet to either fix or replace it... but a step at a time. Actually later today a swim at a time as I'm going to the gym. (words I have not said in a while!) Be well my friends, as time goes on I will try to check in on you now that I have a computer again! But I only get net on the go not at home sadly, so the current goal is at least a blog a week to try to maintain accountability focus and all that.

Don't forget at Foolsfitness we will mug that Easter Bunny for that basket full of chocolate eggs!- Alan


  1. Alan, it's truly good to hear from you again! I'm happy for you that you are heading in a healthy direction.
    You know, I think sometimes it's a good thing to step back and do a thing quietly. Thinking, praying, re-evaluating. Doing it for ourself, not for a blog post, ya know?
    And now, you're back! Yay!!

    (Do these socks feel heavy... mwa ha ha ha)

  2. LOL! Glad to see your back at it dude. Your part about heavy socks reminds me of when I was in high school and the wrestlers used to spit constantly to hit the weight restrictions for wrestling. If you've ever gone a week with no saliva in your mouth, I do not advise!

    But good on you for getting back at it! I'll be looking for more!

  3. :D Welcome back! I always loved it when I saw one of your posts appear.

    Best wishes!


    P.S. While you were gone, I managed to gain all of the weight I lost we're both starting over. (I just kept furitlessly posting.)


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