Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The UN Gym X2

Doesn't it seem odd people drive in their cars to the gym to walk on a treadmill? Did I miss why people would rather be on a stationary bike going nowhere than riding on a real bicycle enjoying the scenery and fresh air? Is it important to seek the controlled conditions of a stair machine over actual... um... stairs?

So I decided today I would go to the gym and scan my card and walk out... Notice I said walk out not Workout here. The anti-workout Foolsfitness rebel that I am laughed as I did it and I encourage you to do it too. Go to the gym and then leave. I am not anti-gym. I love the pool and all the equiptment and classess have their place especially in bad weather but consider this: How many people on a stair machine, treadmill, or staionary bike at the 20 minute mark (or what ever mark they set at the end) decide maybe they will go on a little further? I'm thinking rather few.

Now on to my Un Gym. I actually rode my bicycle across town to the gym, scanned that card, then walked out to ride my bicycle home. Somewhere in there I decided to explore a street by the river to enjoy the scenery, diverted to the coffee shop (relax! Just ice coffee black with a single sugar and no cream) and even decided after I got home I would go out again for a second ride... this time a beer was involved but after all the day I think it was fair.

The only thing I can say against the day was after the second ride I couldn't take my own stench and had to hit my shower. I'm wondering in the end if I would have had a day at the gym that matched my un gym times two. You too can own an Un Gym X2 for no easy payments (how easy is that!) Have you looked around your house? There could be sidewalks near you that work almost just like a treadmill WOW!

At Foolsfitness we endorse the UNgymX2 not workout program!- Alan

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  1. I've often thought the same thing about gyms, although they would be nice in the winter...especially considering the winters we've had lately.

    Out on a bike twice! Wahoooo!! :D



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